OPINION: He Who Is Tired Of London…Needs Brexit

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8 Responses

  1. James Towell says:

    Your right with what your saying Janice. Go into more inner city London you don’t dare say “Trumps doing a good job and May is screwing up brexit”. You should come down my local one night in Mill Hill and trust me people think and say exactly the same as you! We have got support out there with regular working people.

  2. Stuart Beaker says:

    Janice, thank you, you have summed up the core of what is going wrong here – not just in London, although the problems there do seem to be colossal now. How long before our basic systems break down – no-one in their right mind believes that any amount of propping-up of the NHS, transport, housing, employment, or any other infrastructure components is going to work when we have a government that is as you say seemingly frozen, like a rabbit in the headlights?

    I am currently selling my own house in the rural West, and I am less and less sure now whether to even bother buying somewhere in the UK. I am becoming more and more disenchanted with the prospects of our idiot political class and their idiot backers now turning the Titanic round before it finally hits the iceberg and our country sinks into a third world dump, both economically and socially.

    When I was younger I had nothing but contempt and derision for those old folk who used to rant about the country going to the dogs. I thought they should just put up and shut up, and get out of the way of progress. It comes back to haunt me, now.

  3. Deb-on-air says:

    Thank you, Janice, for a very eloquent post. I lived five years in London in the ’70s and have often been back but would not want to live there,
    especially now.
    The quote is by Samuel Johnson, so I looked it up. ‘When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.’
    Quoted 20.09. 1777. I think ‘afford ‘ is meant in the sense of ‘provide’. And I daresay the good doctor would not exclude women if so challenged.
    What would he say today, I wonder.

  4. Grumpyashell says:

    You are not alone in this !

  5. Ian Hensman says:

    I do not see that we can change things back to how they used to be, But if we can get a Draconian government for a while that is not afraid to stand up for most of the original British values, Bring in Deportations for those who do not comply, Limit the freedom for certain fanatical religions, and make punishments fit the crime especially where violence and sexual crimes occur. Build us more not so nice prisons and make prison life something to be afraid of. Further to this re-allow free speech and stop locking away peaceful protesters. Doing some of this we might just be on the way back to sanity.

  6. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I have always enjoyed a visit to London, but I am sure that I would never wish to live there permanently. For all its ills Northampton is a better place to live and raise a family ! The Laws are there to deport failed or illegal immigrants, but Laws have to be enforced, and that is where the whole sorry mess falls down. I have just lost my business tenant from my shop property. A young Chinese entrepreneur, only because his visa ran out, but for our Home Office its one more deportation for statistics, and it was easy due to him having a home ! Deportations of unwelcome people are harder to make, but the Home Office thinks we are all stupid !

  7. John Wright says:

    I think the term “Londonistan” very accurately describes what London has become & it is clear from the results of that long ago referendum result, that with the huge amount of foreigners making a bee-line to our Capital, they voted in favour of maintaining a system which is a growing anathema to so many native Brits, simply because they have no regard for our Country, other than what it provides for them! Ofcourse, London isn’t just about those areas which seem to attract the worst elements in our society, there are many attractive, pleasant places where normality exists, but even these are under threat & as each old resident moves on, the new incumbent may not fit in, or even want to? This isn’t just happening in London, since every City & large Town have similar issues which is all down to the insanity of one Woman & her weird accomplices! Frau Merkel will undoubtedly go down in history as the worst, most illogical & probably the most dangerous Woman on our planet. What she & her supporters have achieved defies any sense whatever & ultimately will destroy the World!

  8. Ian Hensman says:

    There was a saying once when I wor nobut a lad . It said that ” Wogs began at Calais” It is now not P.C. OH! How I wish it were true

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