ANTI-SEMITISM: Labour Candidate Linked To Anti-Semitic Account

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2 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Kate Linnegar should remember an old saying. ” To ere is human, to forgive is divine.” This covers even the sin of anti-Semitism ! Divine forgiveness requires something from the sinner, and that something is complete HONESTY. Now this concept may be difficult for Politicians to grasp, and I’m not singling out just Labour ! However, Mr Corbyn has failed to stamp his rules on the Party, which is one important ability for a leader. It would seem that his example is being copied in Swindon North by their prospective candidate, and lies like this will hang over her head forever. So stupid, as truth is a winner, and time blows such a truth away !

  2. Ian Edwards says:

    Semitic describes an Arabic language group so the term anti-Semitic seems a daft term to mean anti-Jew, which I think this article is about, and what the pejorative anti-Semitic is meant to infer. So to call someone anti-Semitic, when they mean anti-Jew is to perpetuate that absurdity and I wish people would stop it or explain to me why they can’t say anti-Jew.
    As to Zionism, it means anybody (Jewish or Gentile) who ‘supports’ the state of Israel and it’s Government. Many jews are anti-Zionist but not anti-Jew. I think J Corbyn sits in this camp. Criticising a government (such as the Israeli government) for bad things it may do does not mean you are critical of the people in that country, many of whom are not jewish either. If I criticise the UK government for screwing up Brexit (Have they even tried?) or attacking Iraq on a false premise, I’m not criticising the people of England or Christians, just the government elite. Another thing about Zionists is they appear to be ultra-Israelis, right all the time, whatever they do, always justified, and beyond criticism by anybody.
    I think the real issue here is that some members of the labour Party are , quite rightly in my view, critical of the Israel government and the nasty things it gets up to (not anti-Jew) and the Zionist camp (uber-Israel) wade in with ‘anti-Semite’, ‘holocaust denier’, and every pejorative they can to shut down the criticism (aka debate). Zionism has infiltrated the labour Party I’m afraid. Money bags George Soros and his ilk are well in there. In other words Zionists (not Jews per sae, many of whom are critical of Zionism – ‘fake Jews’ as the article suggested? – hiding behind the respectable cloak of Judaism to protect the more clandestine activities of the Israeli State/Zionism from publicity) is interfering with UK politics to our parliamentary detriment I would imagine.

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