OPINION: Richard Branson And NHS Waste

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9 Responses

  1. John Francis says:

    Excellent article Janice. You are absolutely right.
    Before we pay more tax to fund the NHS we MUST sort out how the service is run first.
    You have correctly identified the main areas that must be addressed: health tourism, procurement of medicines and equipment and the importing of expensive staff.
    We also need to start training British doctors and nurses, we turn down thousands of applications each year from British born people who want to train as doctors and nurses.
    Instead the NHS imports staff from abroad and pays over the odds for short term locum staff.
    It is not popular to say that the NHS needs to sort out its many problems before even more money is given to it, but it is the truth.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Thanks Janice. Your opinions are fully agreed with by me. It is a fact that UK/GB simply cannot afford to run this International Health Service, and it has to return to a NHS. Sloppy cost control is not the only item needing attention, but it is certainly a huge drain for us ! My opinion, for what its worth, is that the many Health Authorities should be able to budget their costs, and send that figure on a set date to the Chancellor. Upon his National Budget, the total NHS costs, without alteration, would have to be the first outgoing figure. Auditors would then visit the Health Authorities, and if individual budgets were wrong, correction by Court Action would follow to the Senior Management responsible. ….. This system would take the NHS out of Party Politics altogether, and would need total agreement from all Parties, which would ‘deweaponise’ the NHS for good. Also this Nation would have its priority corrected for the benefit of the people, with the Chancellor, of whatever political colour, able to make sensible National decisions. ….. As for BRANSON, he is an interesting case of doing well, and running out of fingers to push into pies. Age is supposed to mature people, but in his case he seems to have taken a different path, and has become a money grabbing nasty bastard !

  3. John Wright says:

    Janice North’s excellent article needs to be read by everybody in this Country & most especially by our Government Ministers, our Civil Service & anybody who has an interest in seeing sanity become the biword within our much maligned NHS. Let me say from the outset, our NHS, filled as it is with almost insurmountable difficulties, is still a World Leading facility & the Clinical/Medical Staff are without doubt, magnificent & they earn every penny they get!
    However, this mammoth organisation has been steadily taken over by ridiculously highly paid administrative paper chasers, all filled to the brim with self importance yet providing very little of real value & naturally, the prospect of severe pruning of this now out of control, many tiered group of managers would cause most of them to take sickness leave & trust somebody else quietly “bins” such appalling proposals? Janice highlights the sheer volume of waste within our Health Service which in scale, far surpasses even inflated estimates & this costs each & every one of us far more than just money! Health tourism, grossly overpriced drugs, replacement of horrifically expensive equipment when unnecessary, failure of due diligence in overseeing expenditure on all levels, the overriding waste because nobody cares, or has the time to investigate? The list is endless, yet more & more pen-pushers are employed to “manage” these utter failures & themselves simply add to the problem? Why! because this organisation is awash with smug, self indulgent long serving people who simply dare not “rock the boat” since this would expose their failings!

  4. I used to have respect for that man but no more. He belongs to the same stable as that parasite Blair.

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      I do my best not to think about BRANSON, although his pickle is good with cold ham. – Oh no that’s Branston, and far better then him.

  5. J.L.Kay says:

    Dear Janice
    Don’t you know that Richard Branson is a little s**t and always has been. When he started out in business selling records out of the back of a van back in the day, he was done for Vat offences. Yes, Richard Branson is a little s**t and he can’t do anything about me saying it, because it is a personal opinion and you can’t get done for expressing a personal opinion, unless it’s about the religion of peace, when you’d get arrested by Mrs May’s Thought Police for inflaming racial tension. I thought they did enough of that themselves by threatening to kill apostates and saying that they’d like to set up a universal Caliphate.

  6. StuartJ says:

    I agree completely with your article Janice.

    I guess I am one of the lucky few that rarely needs to call on the services of the NHS, and I am grateful that it is there if I ever need it. At the tender age of 42, I have been paying in National Insurance contributions for the best part of 24 years now, so while I agree the NHS needs to be better funded, I resent the notion that I have to pay more tax, especially while it tends to be those who have contributed the least who expect the most from the NHS – we all know the types, those who demand to see their GP when they have a minor cold or headache, or turn up at A&E with sunburn or drunk out their skulls.

    But does the NHS really need more funding? Quite possibly, though we will never really know, until there is a full independent audit that can reveal exactly what the money is spent on. Get rid of the “parasites and leeches” feeding off the seemingly endless supply of public funding (taxpayers money) and you might find there is a lot more money to go around.

    Perhaps the NHS needs to go “back to basics”? If you look at the way it has been restructured and reorganised over the years, into various ‘trusts’ and regional organisations, along with ‘internal markets’, it has been structured in a way that it can easily be ‘handed over’ to the private sector to run as a profit-making business.

    Yes, that’s right, “handed over”. None of this ‘selling off’ to the private sector, or “franchising” as with the railways. I firmly believe that when the time is right, the NHS will, without any blaze of publicity, be meekly passed over to the private sector, given away, and the “spin-doctors” of either the Tory or Labour parties will attempt to ‘sell this’ to the public as the ‘only way’ the NHS could be saved.

    It really galls me when Conservative and Labour politicians claim that only their party can be “trusted” with the NHS. The truth is that neither party can be trusted, not while these politicians have rich mates either running NHS trusts, or running private companies providing contracted services at over-inflated prices to the NHS. Snouts in the trough. Or “leeches and parasites”.

  7. Ian Hensman says:

    Problem for people like Branson is if they upset the wrong people they spend a lot of time looking over their shoulders. One day something will catch up with him and he will get his comeuppance.
    you reap what you sow in this world.

  8. Pamela Preedy says:

    Branson is a first class tosser and always has been. Now he’s lost the franchise on Virgin Trains East Coast, I’m just glad I’m not forced to enrich him by using this service. I boycott all his products.
    The government should counter-sue him for attacking the NHS which is paid for by the tax-payer. Even better, don’t let filthy rich twerps like him get involved with the NHS again for whatever reason.

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