“Snowflakes – Thousands Of Them!”: Activists Call for Classic Film ZULU To Be BANNED

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13 Responses

  1. Cllr Philip Winter (UKIP) says:

    And we never see all those Tarzan film’s anymore!

  2. J.L.Kay says:

    Tough luck to the politically-correct apparatchiks. It’s a film that represents a particular time in British history. If people have confused Zulus in full war paraphernalia with people from the West Indies, they need to go to Specsavers. Where do we stop with this nonsense? Do we not show the Dam Busters any more because of the name of one of the flyers’ dogs? Do we ban the ‘Carry On’ films because of humorous sexual banter? Do we ban the words blackmail, blackball, blackleg, blacked and the expression black sheep of the family or it’s a matter of black and white or it’s a black day for…?

    The whole situation is completely ridiculous and shows that we now have a hard core of politically-correct busybodies whose only raison d’etre is to go round trying to find things to be offended by. Well my reaction to that is you have the right to be offended dears, just get over it. I’m not changing my attitudes or opinions for anyone.

    • Phil says:

      Well said , soon we will not be able to have a black ball 🎱 in snooker, the “ snow ❄️ flakes , will wish to call it the , “ politically correct “ game ending ball “ this ludicrousy has to stop , it’s wrecking my head in I’m a upstanding member of the community 54 yr old and I have never heard of such stupidity such as banning films , banning our flag , whilst the World Cup is on what next ?

  3. John Carins says:

    Sir Michael Caine – a great actor, patriot and Brexiter.

  4. Jim Stanley says:

    Zulu is a great film! I have seen it many times, and every time I watch it, I see something fresh within the story. If there is any cultural attack it is against the British “invaders”.,The Zulu recognised the value of the firearm, as witnessed by the use of snipers, and must have seen the strength of the British Square in previous encounters, but still sought to overcome the British contingent by force of numbers. Without doubt there was great bravery on both sides, shown without any racial slant. The final scenes when the Zulu leave the field of battle, to a chant honouring a brave opponent. Without doubt, even without great numbers of firearms, the Zulu was a formidable, brave fighter, and, maybe to modern eyes, even vicious when dealing with wounded and other captives, but I suspect that our soldiers could, when provoked, be just as “inhuman”. Given when the film was made, the era it is set in and the historical context, I see no racial slur within it, indeed the opposite if anything, where the villain of the piece, the “black savage” of myth, is portrayed as a brave, honourable fighter. People should remember that the Zulu were fighting a foriegn invading force who were seeking to impose a culture completely alien to the indigenous people’s of Africa. Since when was it racist to highlight the honourable nature of a people who fought so hard to maintain their culture against the might of the British Empire. The attempt to prevent the showing of the film is yet another attempt to censor our history on totally spurious grounds.

  5. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Zulu is one of the great films, and put Michael Cain into the front line of film stars, much to our pleasure in so many other films. History cannot be rewritten, and Zulu confirms that. The script, while it honours early VCs, in no way dishonours the native Zulu, and these very weird ‘snowflakes’ should back off from offending me, as well as many others, with talk on the subject of an historical art form ( film ) that they have little knowledge of. J.L.Kay’s comments are more than appropriate ! Where will it end ?
    I remember singing in my infants school, the song. – Johnny Come Down to Hilo. If these ‘snowflakes’ want to take up a cause, may I draw their attention to this song. It should keep them busy with the words that are used, and I was taught this at age six, in a State School, roughly in 1951. Should any Kippers be interested, just tap in the title ! ! ! Good Luck.

  6. J.L.Kay says:

    Jim Stanley
    Thank you for such a detailed and thoughtful answer. This is just another example of people on the Left being ashamed of British history. If there have been any examples of colonisation of native peoples and following this, harsh treatment by the invaders, you can be sure that the British weren’t the only ones. Please note that the Belgians, the French and the Germans all had extensive empires in the 19th century and you don’t hear of them making apologies for things that happened 150 years ago. To those on the liberal Left and fellow 5th columnists and traitors, get over it dears. If we hadn’t had an empire and the trade and commerce that went with it, we wouldn’t have today’s democratic capitalist society, in which the snowflakes and whingers are allowed to exist.The same goes for the anti capitalist, Left wing rabble who are so thick they don’t realise that in any other country in the world they would be doused with water cannon, locked up and treated as urban terrorists. I rest my case.

  7. Pamela Preedy says:

    Is it illegal to have a public viewing of that film? Of course not. But wouldn’t those PC pillocks like to see it made illegal, along with many other films, books, artworks and pieces of music that they deem sexist, racist, ageist, colonialist, fattist, islamophobic, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, and any other ‘ist’ or ‘ic’ you can think of. Being Leftist loons, the only ‘ic’ they’re not likely to make a fuss about is ‘anti-semitic’ because that’s an acceptable prejudice in the Labour party and all points Left.
    Every attempt by these latter-day puritan philistines to control what others see and hear in the way of ideas and opinions different to theirs should be thwarted and ridiculed. Because of them and their ilk, notably Harriet Harridan Harman, we already have ThoughtCrime, ThoughtPolice and stalinist suppression of free speech.

    ‘Richly diverse communities’! I’ve never heard such bollocks. We’re in Britain. If you don’t like it, suck it up or sod off.

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      Pamela ! ”Suck it up or sod off.” I am really unnerved by such language from a Lady Kipper ! ….. Ha ha ! It’s so nice to have likeminded folk working these blogs. May I have the honour to stand side by side with you ? Two minds with but one thought !

  8. J.L.Kay says:

    I couldn’t agree more, Pamela. Am sick to death of all these Left-wing whingers and self-appointed apologists for terrorism, including of course the usual suspects, Bob Geldof, Bono, Lily Allen, Eddy Izzard etc. and all the other Luvvies , who haven’t got a clue about real life. When being described as racist for wanting to restrict immigration, the real point is no, we don’t want hordes of individuals from other less-developed countries (mainly young men between the ages of 15 and 30) who bring with them out-dated views about the place of women in society, who are quite prepared to sexually assault and rape females of the indigenous population, apart from stealing, mugging, and generally taking advantage of British tolerance and sense of fair play, let alone our welfare system.

    Yes, let’s get it out in the open for once. If all the Luvvies and precious Left-wing politicians and Marxist apparatchiks had their homes broken into, their vehicles stolen, their wives and children mugged etc, etc, etc, they’d have a whole different attitude to life in general. Whose side are they really on, the ones who hate their own country, its customs and history, of which we all should be proud? If it wasn’t for the (mainly ex-public school) adventurers, explorers, traders, entrepreneurs, soldiers, sailors and empire builders of the 19th century, we’ d probably have lost both World wars and be a German satellite state now.

  9. Jim Stanley says:

    Thank you JL Ray for your kind comment. Viewed through modern eyes our history is littered with so called racism, however, in Turners Trafalgar, where the death of Nelson is depicted, the position of the sniper is being pointed out by a Negro sailor, it is a little known fact that approximately 10% of those who fought in our Nations greatest Navel victory, were indeed black, together with many nationalities, including
    French Royalists, Dutch, Danes and of course the English, together the seeds were sown of Napoleons downfall. When I owned a security company, I employed many ex Royal Marines, I consider it an honour to have worked with and known such fine men, one was the blackest man I have ever known, he could trace his lineage back to the Slave Trade, a trade Nelson was charged with stopping by the way, and he was proud of his ancestors. He was a religious man, who every day would give thanks for the slave traders who took his family to the Carribean from Africa to work in the sugar cane fields. I asked him about this, and his reply was surprising, in his opinion, without the slave trade, had his people survived, he would be still in Africa, beating out the brains of other tribesmen and dragging their women off by the hair as trophys! So to those who attack our history, I say this, as individuals, and as a people, we all , in our lives have acted in ways that we are not proud of, but, something as distasteful as slavery has resulted in a far better world of opportunity for all. By the standards imposed today, the actions of our forefathers are seen as abhorrent, but, and this is important, by the standards of the time, what is seen as racist today was simple exploitation of a natural resource, but was it wrong? People were taken by force and shipped to another country, but, certainly if Royal Navty ships, many of the English crews were “Pressed Men”, taken by force from the land and taverns of coastal towns and forced to serve before the mast. Both the slave and the pressed sailors received clothes, food and accommodation, and some slave “owners” had schools and hospitals to help with the welfare of their workers, the injured and elderly were looked after, indeed, it was many years before so called civilisation caught up. The only fault was the fact that the slave had no choice, but neither did the pressed sailor. Slavery formed to a certain extent, the basis of our international trade, our Navy needed the pressed sailor to protect our international trade, and as such are to a certain extent responsible for making the British Empire. Seriously, can we condem out of hand the legal practices of days long gone, I do not think so, should we apologise for the deeds of our ancestors, or would it just be an empty gesture to aswage our own misdeeds? For me, it would be the ultimate folly to erase history, or it will be repeated. Even when our recent history is highlighted we are in danger of repeating the errors of the past, with anti semitism on the rise, as it was in the 1930s and before, should we write people like Mosely out of history, we would invite another Holocaust. History is our greatest teacher, we ignore it at our peril!

  10. This is absurd, the film Zulu is not racist! It portrays the historical (lightly fictionalised) meeting of two warlike imperialist tribes, one (the British) advancing north from the Cape while the other (the Zulus) came south from central Africa. (The original inhabitants of southern Africa, the Bushmen/Hotentots, dispossessed by both Europeans and Black Africans, play no part in the film that I can remember. If any complaint was warranted, perhaps that would be it?).

    The Zulus are shown as brave and resourceful warriors, who are by no means defeated at Rorke’s Drift, but who eventually decide the losses being inflicted on them by the tiny and heavily outnumbered British garrison are not worth the candle, salute the Redcoats as fellow braves, and leave.

    The British are portrayed as variously brave, cowardly, on-the-make, salt-of-the-earth welsh choir singers, upper-class twits and what have you. This film does not sanitise or glorify the British Empire, but portrays an iconic moment in history from the perspective of the ordinary soldier on the ground. (The 1979 prequel Zulu Dawn depicts the Battle of Isandalwana, which occurred the day before the battle at Rorke’s Drift, and which amounted to the British version of Little Bighorn, with a modern European army massacred by native forces).

    Moreover Zulu is also a celebration of Zulu culture with extensive scenes of singing and dancing enacted by thousands of Zulu extras performing their traditional dances. My mother loves this film, her favourite scene being the group marriage of hundreds of young Zulu men and women. I would not be embarrassed to sit down to watch this film with people of any nationality or race, in fact I would suggest films like this have a positive role to play in reconciling past differences. We won’t achieve that either by ignoring history nor by replacing it with a simplistic narrative in which evil imperialists went out to set upon peaceful natives. Actual history is a bit more complicated, and interesting, than that.

  11. John Carins says:

    The brilliant Benny Hill is never shown on TV. Because it’s seen as being sexist. Censorship is happening now.

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