BREAKING: Theresa May To Propose Second Referendum?

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25 Responses

  1. Joshua Pearce says:

    An obvious fake.

  2. John Bennett says:

    We only voted for in or out not 2 referendums. Does that mean all those elected to Parliament at the same time must stand again ??

  3. John Bennett says:

    We only voted for in or out not 2 referendums. Does that mean all those elected to Parliament at the same time must stand again ??What is May playing at.

  4. silvie steven says:

    Is that the 29th June 2018 on the letter head, if so that is tomorrow, and i understand the cabinet is meetingon the 6th not the 5th, if it is genuine then the fact that she is saying that one question should be to “remain on the same terms” then that is not acceptable. It should be DEAL or no deal and leave on wto terms. We had the vote to leave or remain 2 years ago. Surprised if this is genuine that it has not been leaked to Sky news who always seem to get the emails etc before anyone else. I hope and pray this is fake.

  5. Rob McWhirter says:

    Apparently Janice Atkinson thinks it’s fake…

  6. Anthony Woodcock says:

    It seems like there are factual errors in this spoof letter. Another project fear spoof from an increasingly desperate fifth column, I fancy

  7. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Quite simply I’m disgusted by this internal memo, which switches all the lights on as to the lack of standing of Theresa May as our PM ! Thank the Almighty that it was Chamberlain and not her in 1939, or we would all be speaking German now ! I’m bloody vivid at this ! Have we a Churchill in waiting ? No ! Not a Churchill, but in the dark recesses of the Commons, we might find a leader !
    Sight of this proof that the Lion has been replaced by a little kitten, makes me end here. Too disgusted to continue !

    • Brittleware says:

      Chamberlain caved in ’39. Remember the piece of paper with Hitler’s promise? Churchill took over in a national (coalition) government. As for speaking German, I very much doubt it. Did the Angles ever speak Latin? No.

  8. Pat Bryant says:

    If this is a fake the I congratulate whoever thought of it. Give this enough air and TM will be forced to deny it and the contents. If she does that then she discounts a second referendum and limits her options.

  9. Malcolm Bint says:

    the image wont open on mine its say the image is unsafe

  10. Helena Windsor says:

    Hubby said fake as soon as he started reading. When I read it properly I smelt rat too. However given its source Pat is on to something, someone is trying to smoke someone else out of the woodwork and Pat says exactly what I said, if they shout out fake news they are forced to prove it or demonstrate that they are the fake news peddlers.

  11. Jim Hammond says:

    Yes I think it is a fake, but if we look at say the statement “if we want to maintain a Conservative Government in this country” then there is only one way to do that, and that is a leadership change of the Tory party and to carry out Brexit as the majority voted for. On the other hand May’s performance is such that if she had planned to totally scupper the negotiations to an extent that people would be just glad to see the end of it, she has done a good hatchet job. So to those Tories who have threatened letters of no confidence, is it real and are your letters real, over to you.

  12. John Francis says:

    It is a fake for me.
    I really do hope that it is a fake, or there will be riots on the streets!

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      Perhaps Darrell could run it through UKIP thought control, and send Maggie May a copy, with our comments and covering letter. She will kick it back with a comment. She may find who is responsible for the leak. Or she might not reply, so that we can make our own minds up on this item. Either way the air would be cleared on this disgusting possibility !

  13. Chris Dark says:

    I hope to Almighty God it is fake.

  14. Byron Jones says:

    Doesn’t that signature say Brian May?

  15. ahh you kids and the language you use childish and pathetic grow up why dont you.

  16. James Towell says:

    Did one of the youtube trolls, sorry I mean new members supply this by any chance?

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