OPINION: Sargon of Akkad Is An Existential Threat to UKIP

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  1. Rob McWhirter says:

    Thanks for this. Concerns have been flagged…

    • Matthew Morgan says:

      Are you taking a hit piece seriously?

      There is context left out of the article that the author should have included, which before you I have sent to the party, outlining some connections and less than democratic motives.

  2. Christopher James says:

    Dear Mr. Lake,
    I appreciate your thoughts and your subjective understanding of Mr. Benjamin, however, there are a vast number of people who listen and agree with many of his views and statements. My wife, who is German, is the person who suggested that I listen to him a year ago, and I have. There is much humour, frustration and truth that come from his lips, along with observations that many may not agree with.
    However, while I am a Patriotic Brit, and my wife and children are German; we left Germany after many years, and in 2015 moved to the UK because we were starting to experience the trouble that is now self evident.
    Naturally I voted for Brexit… for the same reasons we left Germany…
    I would rather that open debate and freedom of speech remain for ever part of our culture in the UK, and your wish to condemn Mr. Benjamin from the outset appears rather short sighted.
    If Mr. Benjamin starts working against UKIP then it will become obvious by his actions, and not by someone else’s suppositions. Let his actions speak louder than words, for we need people to wake up and join those who have already woken up who are patriotic,who understand the threat of Islam, and the threat to freedom of speech.
    Freedom of speech is absolutely paramount in society… just listen to Jordan Peterson (who articulates it very well).
    If you don’t agree with someone else’s words then say so, but do not try to shut them down, or remove their platform.
    The previous article Kipper central reminded us of the quote “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone”.
    Give the man a chance. He wants Free Speech, he wants Brexit, and he wants the threat of Islam to the British culture to be recognised…. And so do I.

  3. J.L.Kay says:

    You may very well be right about Mr Benjamin and his presence in UKIP may well be damaging, however UKIP has been attacked for several years by the MSM, especially the Guardian and the BBC, for being Right wing and extremist when it in fact is not an extremist organisation. I take gross exception to being labelled a Fascist, racist and Nazi when I point out the obvious fact that immigration into this country is far too high, especially of those who have little in the way of skills to offer the nation, those who have little if any connection to the UK and that our small country can no longer absorb the huge numbers we have in the past. UKIP has a great many sympathisers in the country and they are not all racists or Fascists, simply people who agree with the core aims of UKIP of getting immigration down and freeing ourselves from the EU.

    In addition, people who declare themselves patriotic and proud of their country are simply exercising their prerogative in supporting British traditions, values and life styles, which are under threat as never before from those who want a melting pot of races and nations in England’s green and pleasant land and from the adherents of the ‘religion of peace’.

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    ”UKIP, BECAUSE FUCK IT !” Well this is Carl Benjamin’s message to our young voters ! Now we can all get angry about this, or we can all calm down, and think it through. First of all, this approach to the British young folk, is not necessarily universal with the young, but there are many who share our position upon the EU, but they don’t as yet have deep political interest, or developed debate ability. They do however posses votes ! No way am I suggesting that we should ‘dumb down the Party’, instead try to involve these folk in our politics and be welcoming. This is just a view of an old Kipper, but what do other Kippers think ?

  5. Alex says:

    Are you aware that some labour (Small L, as they don’t deserve a capital) activists had his “Freedom of Speech” show cancelled in Scarborough a short while ago?
    Article here: http://nyenquirer.uk/event-cancelled-after-scarborough-labour-protest/

  6. Larry Hughes says:

    The video Elliot Lake made can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RtXwb4CODY

  7. Jim Hammond says:

    We look forward to your proposals for a Ukip online presence as an alternative to that of Mr. Benjamin whatever that may look like, but on what basis do you suggest removing membership? He has said things that are not nice, he offends people, his online income is dropping, is that it, nothing to do with breaking party rules? I don’t do much watching You Tube but it seems to me that being controversial is part of the game that guys like him play. So what part of free speech do you wish to retain, only saying nice stuff?

    Carl Benjamin (or anyone else) is not going to take over Ukip for any purpose, for to do that he would need to win the support of the membership, do you not trust us to make the “right” decisions, although the past couple of years appear to have been problematic. The Guardian etc. attacking Ukip?, they would do that anyway even if we were all Tibetan monks.

    Cynics might say you are miffed that your thunder has been stolen, but not me. Let’s see how the new members pan out and if they do bring the party into disrepute then disciplinary action can be taken, and again I really do look forward to your proposals.

  8. Barrie says:

    Absolutely correct commonsense.

  9. J.L.Kay says:

    Jim Hammond
    I quite agree. The BBC and the Guardian wil lalways try to rubbish UKIP just because we don’t share their wet liberal world view, that the UK should throw open its doors to everyone who wants to come here and that everything should be shared around equally, whether the newcomers deserve it or not. WE ARE NOT THE LIFEBOAT OF THE WORLD, as some on the Left think we should be. If everyone who wanted to come to this country was allowed to do so, we would all end up living in shacks or in shanty towns and NO-ONE would be any better off than before. THINK ABOUT IT.

    Lifeboats are meant to save people, but if too many people crowd in, everyone drowns!

    I’m afraid that too many on the Left live in an imaginary world where Socialism will save everyone from poverty, where every possible problem will be solved in their Communist Utopia. We all know how this would work out in practice where therare still the haves and the have-nots in places like Russia, China, Cuba and North Korea.

  10. Ian Edwards says:

    I agree with all the points being made here that say give Sargon, and his peers. a chance for heaven’s sake. They haven’t been in the party more than 5 minutes and already some people are getting windy. If these young guns are a bit too ‘pythonesque’ for some dyed in the wool, old guard, one-trick anti EU party members, I get that – but isn’t that what UKIP needs? Some post Brexit (we are now a sovereign country again) thinking? What Britain should start looking like when it has it’s sovereignty back? Yes, off the wall a bit, definitely naïve, blue sky perhaps sometimes, off the cuff, but keen, and may educate millions of people to vote UKIP through catching the pubic eye and imagination. Don’t knock it. Trump broke the US politics electoral system – and won – knocking the Democrats out of the party for about 10% of the budget! I can quite see some ‘old guard’ members being in a flap where, for example, I have listened to some people in UKIP talking about it being a ‘Libertarian party’ (it’s nothing of the kind) without knowing what libertarian actually means, and now UKIP actually has some real Libertarians (not necessarily Sargon by the way, more Milo I would judge) they are bricking it! Embrace change UKIP! Embrace Free Speech! Embrace debate!

  11. Marilyn Catling says:

    I did wonder at the time he joined if it was a good idea.

    You must do what is best for our party.

  12. James Towell says:

    Well looks like I was right and I had people rounding on me on this website for saying “Mark my words no good will come of them joining” I knew they was setting this up to make fun out of UKIP for extra YouTube views and unfortunately it was was fell for. Enjoy your YouTube Trolls everyone the party walked straight into it!

  13. K says:

    Well, I for one had not really considered ukip before, but being a watcher of Sargon and Dankula they changed my opinion and I have now joined. So, if it worked on me, how many other me’s will now have the same thoughts that ukip was previously unable to reach?

  14. David Grant says:

    A pretty poor hit job. Its all about the money he says. Quickly then, Patron is maybe unstable as a regular payment supplier that is why there is Makers Support and Paypal. Indeed larger contributors probably pay directly rather than give 10 per cent to a ‘neutral platform’. Might I suggest it should be ‘all about the politics’ ? I know of Sargon’s politics (not happy with his luke warm support for Tommy Robinson). But I know nothing of Elliot Lake’s. BTW what are these ‘big name’ youtubers he speaks off ? Hahaha

  15. gordon says:

    hilariously misinformed article having these people involved is the only way the party will get off its death bed short of getting nigel back

  16. Vaughn says:

    You guys realise that the stuff he was saying to kevin logan was VERY tongue in cheek, he is potentially the saviour of UKIP, bringing you into the modern day and providing some very good publicity, a social liberal and free speech advocate is a great asset.

  17. kaiser says:

    jeez labelling sargon like that, you must really be running scared of the guardian

    if mother teresa joined ukip she would be labelled an ALT-Right Nazi as well, are you really going to let the Guardian and the BBC choose your ukip members for you

    ukip needs rational people to battle against the weight of cultural marxism running the country down

    People like sargon only point out the absurdity of leftist arguments and the drip drip drip of leftist propaganda spewing out of the MSM

    ps and you do know he’s part black , right , so you can chuck the racist argument straight in the bin

  18. J.L.Kay says:

    I’m afraid that the preening politicians of the last few years in the EU and the UK, have pushed ordinary, law-abiding patriotic people in France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Spain, Greece and Scandinavia towards the Right, because they have simply ignored people’s concerns about mass immigration into Western Europe and the accompanying threat of Islamisation, which will eventually kill off Christianity in Europe.

    Sorry to all the Guardian readers, the chattering classes of Hampstead, the ‘liberal Metropolitan elite’, the Marxist dons in the universities who have infected the minds of our young people by their puerile claptrap and all the usual suspects, but that’s the truth. Get over it darlings, the REAL patriots who believe in what a great country we live in will be coming for you one day!

  19. arnout says:

    if you wish to remain a party i suggest to stop being scared of the press calling you nasty names; Racist is CODEword for white people just say it because they are Anti white racists

    Secure a future; its a war

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