WALK AWAY MAY! Tory Brexiteers Join Forces To Demand May Get Tough With EU “Bullies”

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6 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Calling the EU negotiators bullies, only shows how week our side is. A bully can only exist in the presence of those who are bullied. Give the EU an ultimatum with a two day time limit. Then WALK away, but away for good ! We will need Government and Business to work together, and quickly. The EU will loose out on our market, and the ridiculous ‘Divorce Payment’. – Worse still, we will have set the course for other Nations to follow. – We hold THE STRONGEST HAND ! Stop flapping about like wet hens, and take charge of the situation. If Mrs May can’t do it, the Tory Government must find another who will !

  2. Peter Simm says:

    Give them an ultimatum and if they reject then walk away for good.

  3. Pamela Preedy says:

    It’s hard to imagine the forthcoming ‘Let’s get together and work it out’ Cabinet weekend at Chequers. Will they have competitive team games – RemoanerDrips vs LeaverStalwarts – to determine what happens to this country? Tiddleywinks? Tag wrestling? Musical chairs perhaps, in which the Leavers ensure Theresa loses her seat at the table and is forced to hand over leadership to someone with more guts, grit and patriotism than her. Any of the Leavers would do and the Drips could go home early.

  4. Ian Hensman says:

    Time Gentlemen Please. Obviously, Mrs May is going to give some more benefits away. If she does then she needs deposing and we should make a clean break. No deal and no outlay to these doorstep salesmen who keep trying to get her to the cash machine like a vulnerable pensioner.

  5. D Burrows says:

    We should have walked away from the EU twelve months ago
    This all EU thing as been a shambles from the start
    The PM should have signed article 50 and sent it to the EU on 25th June 2016
    That was the first failing
    On Theresa May’s first day in office and her first job should have been article 50
    Signing She had the mandate to do just that
    That was the first failing
    I won’t go on with all the other failings I’ll be here for two years or more
    What I do hope is that the cabinet gives TM her final ultimatum Enact what the people voted for in the next five days or you Theresa May will be gone
    And the party will be looking for another PM

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