OPINION: Will £65 Finally Finish Brexit?

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14 Responses

  1. John Bennett says:

    been better if it was £650,000 £65 is less than they pay to illegally enter this country.as an illegal.

  2. James Towell says:

    As normal Janice you are talking sense! Look at what happened this week in your own ward of Brent in Kingsbury. A Romanian was given a 3 bedroom house by Brent council which he quickly turned into a ghetto with 35 people living in it. In the process he made a fortune and got 16 weeks in Prison. The thing to point out he was living with his parents, wife and kid in Edgware while claiming a property in Brent. The only reason I know the full truth of this as I too live in whats classed as Edgware is the person that carried out this basically a scam on Brent Council and he’s probably doing it too with other councils is the man’s parents and family live one door down from me. If this is allowed to carry on and it will be there’s no hope for anyone who’s British getting a home on the council!

  3. Anthony Woodcock says:

    I haven’t looked into this. Does it constitute an amnesty for illegals?

  4. J.L.Kay says:

    To Janice North. I absolutely agree with what you say. All sane and right thinking people know that this country is already overcrowded and has been for many years. Those who came here on the Empire Windrush and those who came later from the new Commonwealth and were entitled to by the various citizenship acts had every right to be here and most settled down to lead constructive and law-abiding lives. However for the last twenty years or so millions and yes I mean MILLIONS of people have come to these shores who have no connection with the UK and little knowledge of our history and traditions. Why have they come here? In the main because they are economic migrants who want a better life for themselves and their families. This is understandable. A few have actually been genuine refugees. However the French have pointed out why so many people don’t stop at the first European country they come to. It’s because we have the most generous welfare system in Europe and give access to housing, education,pensions, welfare and health services to those who have made little or no contribution in terms of work or taxes. This is sheer madness.

    I hate to mention it at the risk of being labelled racist but Enoch Powell, one of the most intelligent men of his generation, a classics don and the youngest brigadier in the British army, was wise and far-sighted, even if he expressed himself in ‘racist’ terms, when he stated that we must be literally mad to allow vast numbers of people who are not of our culture into the country. He was using the lessons of history to explain that eventually, if you allow this situation to continue, the native culture, traditions and way of life will gradually disappear, subsumed by by those of other cultures. This has already happened in numerous towns and cities up and down the country and we now have a situation where over 50% of the population of Greater London are of foreign extraction.

    Those of the Left who believe that all problems will eventually be solved by the world and particularly the UK becoming a melting pot of colours, races and creeds are kidding themselves. Many of those from abroad, from Somalia, Eritrea, the Yemen and other countries, simply import their own problems, their own prejudices,their own social perspectives, their own turf and civil wars into ours.

    I am astounded at how stupid many of those supposedly intelligent people from the Left actually are. With connections to the Levant and all points East, I can say with certainty that wishful thinking by the ‘liberal Metropolitan elite’ is just that, wishful thinking.

  5. Pamela Preedy says:

    And how are expat Brits going to be treated after Brexit, still no word on that. Treason May had better mean it when she says nothing is agreed until everything is agreed. In the meantime, perhaps we should let her know what we think of her ’65 squid, answer 3 easy questions and you’re in’ pathetic nonsense. The woman is a joker: a very unfunny one like the Batman character.

  6. John Francis says:

    We have a PM who is as left wing as say Harold Wilson was.
    She not as bad a say Tony Blair, but she is way too liberal to actually try to change anything about immigration or the problems that mass, uncontrolled immigration has brought us.
    We have Muslim mayors’ in many of our towns’ and cities’, including most infamously Englands’ capital.
    We now have a Muslim Home Secretary, who is proud of his immigrant background and his Pakistani heritage. He will only continue to support mass immigration into the U.K.
    We have a Labour Party in opposition who are now based on 2 factors, a hatred of England and of English/British people who are proud of being English/British. And secondly, who openly support any and all immigration into our country, to further continue to literally change the face of Britain.
    Add the educationally brain washed younger people into the mix and we have literally allowed an invasion of GB to happen whilst we have slept.
    Siren voices have called out the dangers of mass immigration and the way our Country was being led down the years. But our traitorous politicians and liberal and equally traitorous MSM have just labelled them racists and cranks and the tolerant people of GB shrugged and slept on.
    Through decades of mass immigration (and it still continues), we are now in a dire situation in this Country, NHS, schools, housing and our entire infrastructure swapped and overwhelmed. It will only get worse. And what is the answer to these problems, well our politicians have decided to blame the British people for all our problems because we are all living for far too long!
    So they will hike our taxes to pay for the privilege of allowing the rest of the world to come and live in Britain.
    It may now be too late to stop the rot and decay engulfing our Country, but one thing is certain. Our old, established political parties are not the answer to our problems. They will never deliver the policies and actions required to save Britain.
    We need a political revolution in this Country.
    The type of political revolution which those siren voices have called for down the decades and which so far, we have slept through.

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      Nothing in your reply is incorrect John, and it would seem that this Nation, with its moat around it, has been more than able to defend itself against all aggressors, but that’s the point, they have been openly aggressors ! Faced with those fleeing persecution, we have given refuge to those and many others. Add to that our membership of the EU, where we are obliged to keep boarders open, we have fallen for the soft approach of a take-over of our Nation. The People tumbled to this, and voted out of the EU. It all gets very serious when our own Government takes its own line, against the will of the majority on this matter. THE PEOPLE ARE IN CHARGE, NOT THEM !

  7. Ian Hensman says:

    Last things here first. Sorry but Expat Britts have made their choice and if they have not kept close ties with the UK then tough.
    Next, we must stop alien settlers of any sort coming here to stay immediately, Any worth their salt could apply for citizenship and rights in the usual way. But the must join the queue for benefits . Also, Families should be restricted or there is no point in leaving the Funny farm.

  8. J.L.Kay says:

    Pity that May hasn’t got the guts of a Margaret Thatcher. She would have handbagged the EU clowns and also have thrown Anal Sourbelly out of the party.

  9. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I think this is one more nail in this Government’s coffin ! I am surprised that the Conservative Party can’t see this as ‘wilderness time.’ for the future of their Party. I thought they were sharper than that !

  10. Ian Hensman says:

    WE need a physical violent revolution against the ISLAMIC CANCER

  11. I’ve run through the figures and done the math and…..

    If you stood the whole population of Greater London in a grid formation over Greater London everybody would be standing 5 yards away from the next four people.

    This compares to:-

    66 yards in the country as a whole,
    99 yards over the whole of France
    190 yards over the US of A and
    607 yards in Australia)

  12. J.L.Kay says:

    To Ian Hensman
    The British people are generally tolerant and believe in fair play and playing by the rules. However when you push people too hard for too long, sometimes the dam of resentment and anger bursts, with unpredictable consequences. That’s what the Establishment and the organs of the Establishment, the MSM, are doing and at some stage,not long from now, that anger will burst out. The minority interest groups intent on fracturing the traditional family and re-engineering society (we won’t name them but we all know who they are) are doing themselves no favours by constantly plugging their subversive agenda of political correctness and barren alternatives to life as mankind has known it for thousands of years.

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