ARMED FORCES DAY: “We stand shoulder to shoulder to defend this great country!”

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  1. paul rawlings says:

    I have total respect for people like you, I love my country to ,god bless you sir. with many thanks paul.

  2. John Francis says:

    I am not ashamed to say that this article brought a tear to my eye.
    I consider myself very fortunate in that i have never been called upon to fight for this Country, unlike my Father, Grandfather and Uncles before me.
    This article brought home to me the great sacrifice that so many people have made for this Country, many making the greatest sacrifice of all!
    I hope UKIP can make it a policy issue to oppose the disgraceful way that the British Government and left wing establishment, are now threatening to prosecute our ex service men and women for their alleged behaviour during military service, active service which was in defence and support of our Country.
    I will certinaly do everything in my power to support these brave ex service personnel in the face of these disgraceful proposed prosecutions.
    Our government and establishment are in my opinion, giving our Country away in a headlong, PC driven, liberal, left wing push.
    They must be opposed at every opportunity.
    I hope that this heart felt, patriotic article written by this proud ex serviceman, strikes a chord with many of us!

  3. Pamela Preedy says:

    I am thankful that there are men and women brave enough and tough enough to serve their country with their lives if necessary. I’m also sorrowful that their patriotism is exploited and betrayed by men and women not fit to lick their boots – politicians. Most politicians do not have a patriotic bone in their body.

    Politicians do not even fulfil their democratic obligations to 17.4 million voters who have given them clear instructions. How much less they fulfil their obligations to our armed forces to use them wisely and justifiably was demonstrated painfully by the last Labour government. The present Tory government seems interested only in cutting their numbers and resources.

    One day we will need our strong, loyal armed forces to defend this country from the enemy within; an enemy invited in by heedless or malicious politicians over the last half-century, growing in number and relentlessly appeased by cowards to no avail.

  4. Carol Stevenson says:

    Yes I Would, He Has The Interest Of The American People at Heart, He Is Making America Great Again, I wish he Was Our Prime Minister, May Flips And Flops All Over The Place, she is Frightend off Upseting the EU Also of Upsetting All the Muslims in Our Country They Have More Right Than Us Brits in Our Own Country. So All You American Thank yourselves Luck To Have Trump.

  5. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    TO THE ARMY VETERAN, thank you Sir for your insight. My Father thought it was a good idea to send me to HMS Conway, ostensibly to give me two years training for a possible career in the Navy. We graduated as Midshipmen, with much learning in the nautical ways of science, plus ability with boat handling as well as taking command, and with a high degree of rigid discipline ! We all had to deal with the same things, which made a bond between us that stays firm to this day, and all of us have done well in life which proved the worth of those two years. Our experiences pale when set against yours, Sir, but when a teenager is dropped into a very disciplined way of life, it does them nothing but good, and I would happily do it all again. At the time of The Falklands, I made enquiry from the MOD, and was surprised and pleased to find out that all who had passed through HMS Conway, were in fact on a reserve list for service. I was very well pleased at that !

  6. Currently there is a recruitment problem for the Armed Forces – Given that much is being made of the possibility of serving members being prosecuted, for supposed acts of misconduct, whilst on ACTIVE duty, It comes as NO surprise to me.
    Are politician and the powers that be, so stupid that they cannot see a correlation between the two?
    It has always been the case that serving personnel get the dirty, sticky end of the stick. But through it all, they GET ON and DO their Duty.
    Who remembers, Blair committing our troops to Iraq, ILL EQUIPPED, for the operation. I DO!
    I would argue that , with the present strength of our Forces, we would not be able to defend our Country, even if ALL of our Troops were based within our borders.
    We constantly hear the bleating remoaners banging on about the economy, well I tell them this, WITHOUT SECURITY OF THE NATION STATE, the strongest economy in the world, is NOT WORTH A LIGHT!
    PRIORITY #1 of ANY government is DEFENSE Of THE REALM. Something this Government seems to have forgotten.
    ps. I am an ex BLUE JOB (R.A.F.)

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