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2 Responses

  1. The imposition of Article 11 and 13 MUST surely be the DEATH knell for the EU.
    WAKE UP EUROPEANS, LET this bunch of egotistical crooks that ,WE the POPULACE, have had more than ENOUGH of their ill conceived nonsense. LEAVE THE INTERNET ALONE. FREE SPEECH for ALL.
    If you can’t deal with the TRUTH, move over – GET OUT OF THE WAY!

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    THIS PACKAGES THE EU TOTALLY. …….. At the very start, it was called the Common Market, because that gave Edward Heath more room for his lies. We slid further into the new Euro State, with never any referendum upon anything ! Everything, from our fish to our Laws became the property of the European Union ! …….. Eventually, with UKIP in strength, and a weak Cameron as PM, we got our referendum, with more than a million majority to leave. Have we left ? HAVE WE HELL ! …….. Now the EU wish to end our ability to exchange ideas, because to them, free speech is subversive ! If we had a real PM, this move alone would spell the end of our membership, but Maggie May wishes to see if the EU are able to shut us all down !

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