STAYING IN: May Signs Brexit ‘Get-Out’ Clause To Keep British MEPs In EU Parliament

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7 Responses

  1. Anthony Woodcock says:

    All the signs are that we are going to have to fight like hell to get free and we may have to clearout the Westmonster caste to do it. But never, never give in.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Way back on the tail end of my 20s, I had to get to grips with the fact or fiction of GOD. Reading through Churches and World Religions, I came to Roman Catholicism. I read that The Pope, when speaking Ex-Cathedra, was infallible and nobody following through all time, may contradict that Pontiff ! …….. My fellow Kippers. Do you believe that when any one of our Prime Minsters speaks out of their backside, that it is infallible and can never be contradicted ? …….. My reason for asking is that Mrs May looks to be making a Horlicks of Leaving the EU, and it might be useful to understand the changes that are possible, by a subsequent Government ! …….. My hope is that this Nation leaves totally, and with no payments made, but with the advice that London is open for business at any time to the 27 EU members, if and when they wish. In other words, we are all mortal with an understanding that all things have a start and a finish, and that nothing is for ever, be that in the frame of centuries, or in a few days !

  3. Ian Hensman says:

    Have we got a recruiting sergeant yet ‘cos we will be needing one soon when this govt is overthrown for not closing the gate on the EU bullies.
    We must have a clean break.!!!!

  4. Gerard Batten, is the only politician , currently, that I think has any credibility with regard to getting the hell out of the E.U.

    Had Nigel stayed to ‘finish’ the job, then I feel that UKIP, post election, would now be in a far stronger position than it presently stands.

    Regardless of Brexit, I believe that the E.U. will disintegrate – preferably sooner rather than later. It is an evil and corrupt power house of mostly, self seeking parasites and leeches! A POX on all of their houses !
    Power to the People in their pursuit for FREE SPEECH!

  5. Steve Bater says:

    I think we should wait until tomorrow to see what actually happens rather than speculate. But if she does a bad deal that would keep us in EU she won’t remain in power very long. There will be a leadership challenge and God knows who we would get as leader and PM. Jacob Rees Mogg would be wonderful but Bojo would be a disaster. He is a laughing stock as Foreign Secretary and would be worse still as PM. Wouldn’t be surprised if Sayid Javid got the job and then the country would be finished. But this is all speculation and we need to see what actually happens tomorrow and next week after the fall out.

  6. oriana curry says:

    we voted out, we were not duped we knew it meant leaving all of the EU. Why is the PM negotiating to keep us part in? This is only good for the bureaucrats in Europe not for the UK. This woman is supposed to represent the democratic decision and carry it out. It appears it is more important to her to be the PM and keep Europe happy rather than do the job she is charged to do. Time the Brexit MP’S made it happen ether she gets the deal that was voted for or she steps down.

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