WATCH: Gerard Batten On Defending The Internet

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4 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    It is this planned attack upon Individual Freedom that is common to Brussels and Westminster. The thoughts from those who govern, is that, ‘How do you get your way as a Government, if the people are exchanging ideas between themselves’ ?
    Ideas, and their implementation are for Government, not the people ! Thankfully the Social Media is available to us, and that is why our Parliament watch in anticipation and hope, as the EU try to tie back the freedoms that we enjoy !

  2. Leann Launt says:

    time to leave FB and get on to MEWE…..the new social media platform…..they answer to no one!!!!

  3. Rose Fenton says:

    Please tell me what is MEWE and how does anyone get to go there? Sorry I am elderly and ignorant.

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