VICTORY: Blow To EU Censorship Machine As Article 13 REJECTED

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3 Responses

  1. James Towell says:

    Hold it up till after the 29th of March!

  2. The EU has lost the battle this time round, but they have not finished, they are coming back with the same issue in September. During the referendum campaign and afterwards we have argued about the single market, the customs union, the European Court of Justice, the amount of money we pay to the EU, and a host of other issues, and now we have to argue about censorship of the internet. Do they understand what freedom of speech means to us? Without it we have nothing, and this issue alone gives us reason to leave the European Union without any further delay.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Once upon a time, I quite liked the idea of a Common Market ! Then, as the European Idea changed to the EU, I did not like it at all and I wanted out of this Communist inspired group ! Now I HATE every aspect of the EU !
    Over the four decades of our membership, I have been getting older, and it was worth considering if I was changing into a grumpy old man who could only see negatives, but my family have told me that I haven’t !
    The connivance of our own Government with the EU is the last straw, and they too have set themselves against the people, so it is reasonable that I now have dangerous hatred for this Government ! PLEASE UKIP, S.O.S. !

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