FARAGE: May’s Brexit Plan A Sell-Out And Tory Eurosceptics A Waste Of Space

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10 Responses

  1. Ian Hensman says:

    Many people have risen up on the leave and free speech marches now we must join up again against this soft Brexit. Not just in London, we need a spate of civil disobedience until May sees the error of her ways and remembers the referendum result.

  2. David says:

    I hope she likes a good laugh, because the corrupt EU will be laughing up their sleeves at her this morning. I wonder how she will react to going down in history as the prime minister that betrayed he country and her people?

  3. Jill says:

    Welcome to communist Britain. It appears that we are all, including politicians, to have to do as we are told. No democracy any more including no free speech. Your better off here if you are a illegal imigrant.

  4. Keith says:

    The British haven’t got what it takes to rise up, they’re to passive…But OMG I wish they did !

  5. Christopher James says:

    There are enough British who are standing up…
    It may have taken a while, but the people will prevail… it only typically takes 2.5 % of a population to change the direction of a country… and we have that… we just need that leader/orator who is prepared to stay the course… the 2.5 % there are way more than 2.5 % who are prepared to change things.

  6. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    MAY AND CO. TAKE A LAST LOOK AT CHEQUERS ! Foul this up, from your instructions from your employers, who are the British people, and you will not have Chequers again for a generation ! One point in passing, as Labour should not get too excited by the prospect of power. Nobody with a brain could vote for that bunch of zeros, other than other zeros ! UKIP STEP FORWARD NOW !

  7. Jim Stanley says:

    Sod it, everyone, not just Kippers are p*****d off with the whole damn process. Walk way now, take control of all negociations, and let them come to us for a deal, which will be on our terms.

  8. Barry baxter says:

    Don’t forget Nigel Farage deserted the sinking ship. If he had carried on as he was already doing, instead of running away, I think things would have turned out a bit different. In a way you let us all down, and now you are complaining about it. Theresa May never had any intension of taking us out of the EU and we’ll you knew it.

    • Bill Lane says:

      And what could he have done. He was not in power, he was not allowed on the brexit team. Just exactly how would he have changed things ?

  9. MURIEL BALLS says:

    Can we not get a peoples petition of no confidence in May and get her out

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