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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Well done Mr Davis. A strange thing called principal has emerged, and I welcome that. Its been a long time coming, but now its here ! Are we to believe that its the end of May ? After all it is July now !

  2. John Wright says:

    Mike’s right, Davis’s resignation has been a long time coming, but May has interfered & completely ball’s up what he was appointed to do? His exasperation was plain to see, but Gove! His weasel words claiming Mays master plan would unite the Cabinet? He hadn’t the guts to resign & Boris, he thinks he’s more useful staying a Minister? One thing for sure, rather than uniting the party this complete fudge will, either bring about the downfall of this gov’t or May will have to go. Her tenure has been excruciating & as an ardent Brexiteer, I’ve watched in ever growing dismay her dithering & fumbling on what should have been a straightforward exit from the EU over eighteen months ago.

  3. Daniel Holmes says:

    May goes a Reece Mogg replaces her. The woman is a Remoaners and weak and not fit for office. Jump before your pushed.

  4. Jim Stanley says:

    Call me a cynic, DD must have had this outcome in mind when called to May’s “Brexit Summit”, why wait? Maybe it was the loss of his car, and a long walk home that caused these pay! I jest! Davis has been fighting a loaded deck, and it reminds me of another resignation from the Thatcher Government this time, when cricket was used as a comparison, where the coach (Mrs T) sent the team out with broken bats! The questions are many, who will replace him, how will this impact on the deal, such as it is, more to the point, will there now be moves to to replace May (not) with a Brexiteer PM, while she may not survive, no pun intended, who will step up to the crease, or are we looking to an Autumn General Election. At least we are on Election Red Alert already (Thank you GB), so we must now pull out the stops, and and be ready when, not if, the call comes.

  5. Paul says:

    Already to late we inundated with immigrants now the country is no longer what I was brought up in

  6. Jim Stanley says:

    Our Country has always welcomed immigrants, some seeking a safe place, and some seeking advancement, who benefit our country greatly. In my own case, I have English, Irish, Scottish, Swiss/French and Jewish, (my GGF was named Abram, so assumed to be of Jewish origin). However, the current fashion of allowing all and sundry, 15 year old “boys” sporting beards and voices Brian Blessed would be justly proud, and 11 year old “girls” who would rival Dolly Parton in profile. It is the lack of control that is a major reason for Brexit, and while some may say we have the space, in the form of fields to house them,we do not have the infrastructure, in terms of a roof, to keep them dry and warm, schools and teachers to educate the, and health care provision to keep them fit and healthy. As I advance in years, I have come to realise that every generation laments the changes that have happened in their lifetimes, it is only natural to look back on our own youth and shake our heads almost in despair other the state of our country, but what is the l,ternative, stagnation? Every society must evolve over time, or it will wither and die, after first becoming irrelevant. Occasional a Government makes a mistake, and ties themselves into treaties that over the long term are damaging, as Ted Heath did in 1972 (Yes I know he had an Agenda, and in my mind is a traitor for what he did),but that mistake should now be corrected, assuming May(not) obeys her bosses, the British People. To evolve every Nation need migrants to advance, but it is only by controlling migration that the full benefits can be realised. Unfortunately weneedskilled workers from overseas, due to government of all stripes have failed to Tran enough people, particularly in health-care, although personally I have problems morally bring skilled nurses an doctors from overseas to our NHS, sorry, it just does not seem right to me to bring doctors from, say Africa, where their skills are greatly needed, to work instead in the UK often on vanity related procedures.
    Unfortunately we need immigrants, this is a fact, and until we can train enough skilled workers that need will continue, the point is that we must exercise control, control we cannot exercise while May (not) fritters away our hard won right to self determination. The answer will lie in the Ballot Box, with Davis resigning, how long before more follow, and the inevitable General Election follow. The thought of a UKIP Government is, shall we say remote, but a couple of dozen Kipper MPs could, possibly would hold the balance of power, and such a number is certainly achievable. This we could do, UKIP would control immigration, restore Law and Order , place the Family and our Traditionnal Christian Family Values firmly on the Agenda, then we willcontolr just comes into ourCountry, and more important who is able to stay and work here of their, and our Societies benefit, rather than the dubious hordes of mainly unregistered windscreen washers damaging our cars.
    Sorry this grew, I will get off my hobby horse now, and complete my paperwork to start the PLC process! Please note, I am dyslexic so I know there are many errors contained in all my posts.

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      Well done dyslexic Jim, and don’t apologise for riding your hobby horse ! We all have such a critter out of the same stable !
      Action is needed now, before things get worse ! Perhaps UKIP will do the job. Perhaps its our turn now !

  7. J.L.Kay says:

    To Jim Stanley
    Thank you for your carefully-considered and comprehensive comments. I agree with a lot of what you say. On the question of immigration, firstly it has been FAR too high for several years and we have imported a large number of people who the nation doesn’t really need and others we don’t really want (such as Albanian people traffickers and gun runners and Romanian drug dealers and brothel keepers). The number of people of minority ethnic groups in our prisons is out of all proportion to those in the general population (20-25%).

    Secondly we DO need immigrants who have the skills we need and especially those from EU countries who at least have something in common with us – people with a nominally Christian background and understanding of European culture. No, this country can’t absorb immigrants ad infinitum, as we don’t have the housing, welfare, health services, schools or infrastructure to accommodate all who wish to come here.

    I also believe in strong Christian family values and condemn those who would wish to undermine the structure and characteristics of the traditional British family (yes, we know who you are without having to name you!)

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