TRUMP VISIT: British Trump Rally Will Go Ahead Despite BAN By London Mayor’s Police

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11 Responses

  1. Marilyn Catling says:

    A stunning piece that makes me so proud of UKIP. I have so much respect for you and your colleagues who every day keep going even in the difficult times to get our country back.

    Very brave, and very encouraging in these dreadful times of betrayal by those who we elect to keep us safe and free. 👏👏👏

  2. J.L.Kay says:

    I have not seen before a more comprehensive and accurate analysis of what is happening in Britain today and has been happening during the last twenty years or so, with the loudest voices those who represent the fewest numbers of people in this once-great nation, I mean the followers of Karl Marx and his ilk. The power in this country has shifted to ignorant people on the Left, including the chattering classes of Hampstead, the Luvvies, the superannuated rock musicians, the Marxist academics and the so-called Metropolitan liberal elite, who, if they bothered to learn their history, would know that Socialism in all its forms has been the most barbarous, murderous, oppressive political system that has ever existed. They choose to ignore the fact that under Stalin, in the 1930’s approximately 30 million people perished in Russia when the country wasn’t even at war, from starvation, imprisonment in the Gulags, murder, torture, disease and deliberate ill treatment. This is more than died in the 1st and 2nd World Wars, the Korean War and the Vietnam War combined.

    We also have a situation where people who have been allowed, by our good graces, to settle in this country have decided that they wish to kill and maim us, because we don’t subscribe to their particular religion or way of life. They also believe in killing gay people by throwing them off the tops of buildings, stoning to death women have have allegedly committed adultery, while the men can rape and pillage as they please, beheading apostates and unbelievers.

    The various Pakistani Muslim rape gangs who have been operating in our towns and cities almost with impunity for forty years have been protected by corrupt local authority politicians and incompetent, politically-correct police.

    When we have attempted by a legally-constituted vote in a referendum to leave the abysmal and corrupt EU, we have had unscrupulous politicians trying to undermine the result and sate that it was illegal or that the final decision should rest with Parliament and the redundant, geriatric House of Lords.

    Well done Donald Trump! Keep on doing what you’ve been doing, calling out the people who would wish to destroy American and British democracy. Those of us who are patriotic and believe in the potential greatness of our country and who celebrate its proud history condemn all the traitors in our midst and all the vile Fifth Columnists (yes we know who you are) and damn you all to hell.

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      Well said J.L.Kay. It is the Governments, of both stripes, that has brought low this Nation over the last 20 years. Their cancer has moved across our Police and Courts, and it will take a surgeon in the shape of UKIP to bring this patient back to health !

  3. J.L.Kay says:

    Please post my last comment. I have not said this before. Please stop censorihg my remarks, which are not illegal or defamatory.

    • Darrell Goodliffe says:

      No one is censoring anything but since its an approval system it sometimes takes time for them to be approved.

      Kind Regards

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Consider the Coronation in the 1950s. Look at the people’s faces. Now look at the London of today, and weep !
    I’m no fan of Donald Trump, but he will be on a State visit, and all we should see is the elected Head of State of the U.S.A. who will meet our Head of State, The Queen. Now apart from Labour folk and their appendages, who don’t think much anyway, will it be smart to embarrass The Queen as the host, or for American TV to record utter chaos in London, while we are rood to their elected man ?
    I don’t like the guy, but in all good sense, I will stay at home. – The extent of my courteous civility to Mr Trump !

  5. Pamela Preedy says:

    All those European and Canadian jerk politicians who have banded together to show constant disapproval of Trump are jealous of his successes and should be held responsible for the loony left’s endless, tedious excoriation of a man who was democratically elected the best part of two years ago. Their childish antics have reached despicable levels of nastiness that they would not dream of handing out to any other world leader, let alone the leader of our best ally. So perverted are their values that Kim Il Whatsit would probably be given a hero’s welcome by these fools if he came here. The government, Khan and the Met police are disgusting in their collusion to facilitate hostile demos against Trump and suppress a rally of support. It’s shaming and embarrassing.

  6. Stanley Cutts says:

    FIRST, for those who would devalue Donald Trump – just take a minute to think about his character and his achievements:

    His courage, his optimism, his patriotism, his fortitude, his determination, his self-belief and his direct leadership (I could go on….).

    NOW – let’s compare his traits and characteristics with those of our own Prime Minister:

    Her treachery, her incompetence, her lying, her stupidity, her weaknesses, her unpopularity, her dithering, her lack of self-belief, her cowardice, her obvious lack of confidence, her misplaced loyalties, and her total lack of patriotism (I could go on for ever…..)

    Whatever may be your impressions of Trump, remember – he was democratically elected by his countrymen and he is working hard to “Make America Great Again”. Is that what Theresa May is doing for us? Rather the opposite!
    Personally, I welcome Donald Trump to Britain with open arms, and I wish to God that we had him as our leader instead of the excuse for a PM that we’ve ended up with. She couldn’t lead a horse to water and she’s wasted two years to end up with less than nothing!

  7. Anthony Woodcock says:

    Three chears for Luke Nash Jones. That’s the spirit………NEVER GIVE IN, NEVER SURRENDER. They cannot imprison us all.
    What I most like about Trump is the apoplexy he causes in those suffering from TURD ( Trump Unacceptance Retentive Disorder). He has them biting the edge of the carpet. Luke’s march will help them understand they should look for counselling.

  8. Deb-on-air says:

    Well done for publishing this article and comments. That blimp is the most disgusting and insulting and puerile political gesture
    I can remember. Why is our PM allowing such a thing to happen? This is not just something about Londoners and a mayor.
    London is the capitol city for all of us. It is not just President Trump being insulted, but the nation of America.
    This proposed action shames all of us. Now, where are all those ‘NOT IN MY NAME!!’ banners? We need them!!
    All the best for the demonstration! I’m really sorry I can’t be there.

  9. J.L.Kay says:

    Don’t usually mention Mrs May in my comments but she has turned out to be the biggest appeaser since Chamberlain. A disgrace of a leader who promised much and has delivered almost nothing, despite the best attempts of David Davis, who has maintained his dignity to the last. Please resign, Mrs May and let Mr Reece-Mogg have a go. He couldn’t make a bigger mess of things than you have!

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