SNOUTS IN THE TROUGH: MEPs Reject Expenses Transparency

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2 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    The Westminster expenses scandal was blown apart by our free press ! As far as the EU is concerned, it would appear that there is not a similar system in operation. You only have to look at Lord AND Lady Kinnock’s take from the EU, in particular ‘expenses’ to understand just how wrong the whole body of the EU is ! …….. Is this unusual ? NO ! – From the facts of EU finance handling, the EU have not signed off their accounts for more than twenty years, and no business would be tolerated in doing that ! Read Orwell’s Animal Farm, and enjoy the pee take upon such an outfit as the EU, – AND REMEMBER ITS OUR MONEY BEING USED !

  2. John Wright says:

    Everything about the EU stinks to high heaven! This organisation doesn’t control it’s finances, doesn’t disclose where money is being spent, doesn’t even require receipts & the term, “due diligence” is meaningless? This ofcourse is the result of having unelected, unaccountable & utterly irresponsible “Overlords” who’s overriding concern is self aggrandisement & the gathering of staggering wealth? Why the 500 Million people currently shackled to this outrageous & corrupt organisation haven’t, thus far at least?, thrown out these thieving, lying scumbags including their own leaders for their collusion in the biggest rip-off of all time isn’t clear? Perhaps it’s the general apathy & lack of education amongst the masses that allows clever crooks to manipulate them, but whatever it is will surely ruin the basic freedoms & expression once enjoyed by these people & they probably won’t even notice?
    We Brits did recognise this clever, cunning plan for the destruction of the Nation State & against all odds have taken steps to oust the scum who’s interests are self, self, self at the expense of we people?

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