WATCH: Peter Whittle AM GRILL Met Chief On 20% Rape Increase

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9 Responses

  1. StuartJ says:

    They can’t/won’t answer the question, because they know what the answer is, and if they reveal the answer they might be accused of ‘racism’.

    Deceitful Common Purpose graduates trained to deflect questions by waffling without answering. Reports, data, research just allows them to skirt around the real issue.

  2. John Francis says:

    The video made me feel sick.
    People in positions of authority deliberately misleading the public.
    Using weasel words about reports and enquiries.
    Meanwhile every tom, dick and Harry knows the main reason for this totally unacceptable rise in the crime of rape, is directly linked to mass, uncontrolled immigration.
    The stats from the very basic initial reports that are taken in these situations will no doubt prove this.
    This situation is the same in many towns and cities the length and breath of Europe, everywhere in fact where mass, uncontrolled immigration is obviously causing untold problems.
    The common purpose establishment cannot and will not admit this obvious fact.
    They will delay, delay and delay until they can produce fantasy reports that invent made up reasons for the rise in this and other crimes.
    Effectively protecting the vile, criminal rapists we allow to infiltrate and pollute our society.

    • StuartJ says:

      Exactly, the Common Purpose graduates will distort the data and statistics, as well as ‘reinterpret’ the various ‘reports and research’, in order to obscure the blatantly obvious truth that is staring everybody else in the face.

      “Import the third world in vast numbers, and you become the third world”

  3. J.L.Kay says:

    To Stuart J
    You are, of course, right. What the politicians and the police don’t want to own up to is that there were massively wrong decisions taken in the recent past by those in positions of power in this country and now they are trying to wriggle out of their responsibilities by lying and using every form of weasel words to deflect criticism. The apologists for every sort of heinous crime committed by (mainly) immigrants from Africa and Asia, who are, of course, the Luvvies and liberal Left Metropolitan intellectuals need to be named and shamed and I am calling them out now. Ordinary people know who you are and one day will become exasperated and impatient to the extent that they will take up arms and there will indeed be, as prophesied by a great politician, ‘rivers of
    blood’ in England’s green and pleasant land.

  4. J.L.Kay says:

    Further to my earlier comment, it was completely obvious that during the interview there was an elephant in the room i.e. the question of the ethnicity of the offenders. What the police and researchers have completely failed to do, or if they have, are frightened to reveal the results, is to analyse the breakdown in terms of ethnicity of the rapists and sexual offenders mentioned. Also whether they are recent immigrants, legal or otherwise. It was quite apparently obvious that Cressida Dick was quaking in her boots lest someone actually lob a grenade into the politically-correct pool in which she swims and ask her directly about this factor. Also the Assistant Commissioner was demonstratively evasive about this point and rather wandered round in circles to avoid having to confront the issue. Pity Peter Whittle didn’t ask Cressida Dick straight out about the issue!

  5. J.L.Kay says:

    Please post my comment as of above.

  6. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    20%. Oh no, its more like 19%. Well that’s OK then ! A useless Central Government, plus a London Mayor that’s following his own agender. If we want a laugh on this, we have a Head of the Met by the name of DICK ! At least something is correct, if only in her name !
    It is clear that a UKIP Administration would be working flat out, just on Police numbers, and motivation of the Force. Add to that the work required to reestablish our Laws within the language they were given in, and there would be no holidays for a while !
    The people voted for Khan. Our Capital City goes down the toilet. Perhaps the people feel at home ? !

  7. John Wright says:

    Watching the video of this London Assembly highlights the pathetic “disconnect” between those who’s concerns are clear & those who’s responsibility is to offer solutions, not excuses?This 20% increase in rape crimes in London is of huge concern, but it appears our Police are baffled? Oh!, I beg your pardon, it’s only 19%, so nothing to worry about! People like Cressida Dick & her senior Police Officers are so politically correct, they’ve lost the plot completely & are therefore not fit for purpose! They are a waste of space & suck in huge amounts of taxpayers money which could be far better utilised at the front line. Not being handed-out to a bunch of career minded nonentities who’s real interest is to do as little as possible, collect as much money as possible & retire as quickly as possible. What a complete shambles & Mr Whittle, it would help if you were far more aggressive, far more demanding & unafraid to tell these idiots it is we, the taxpayers who demand real answers & not the fobbing-off we witnessed in this London Assembly Video.

  8. J.L.Kay says:

    No-one has yet mentioned the ethnicity of offenders, which the police are obliged to note down and therefore they are suppressing the facts, just are they suppressing the fact that most street muggings in London are carried out by mainly black youths, most stabbings and shootings in London are carried out by young black and Asian youths, most ATM fraud is carried out by gangs of Romanians, most bank fraud is carried out by Nigerian nationals and most illegal arms smuggling and people trafficking is carried out by gangs of Albanians. And that’s the truth. Sorry to embarrass the politically-correct Establishment!

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