WATCH: Stop Treason May And Join UKIP!

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4 Responses

  1. Alec Yates says:

    Agree with the video Gerard but you also need this link – – which will enable people who want to pay by cheque or Direct Debit to print a form, fill it in and post to Head Office. Ask the Party Chairman he knows that this works for many people who would rather fill in a form than spend time at a screen.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Disregard the Labour Party, and abandon the Conservative Party ! Both of those Parties consider that your vote is theirs by right, and both are looking after their own interests ! CONSIDER THIS. – UKIP was the only Party that understood the mood of the British people at Referendum, and that is still the truth. Lib,Lab,Con, all wanted to remain in the EU, and are screaming against the rules of Democracy ! Are you meekly going to tolerate this ? Are you going to vote for one or the other of these losers ? Will you instead cast your vote for a Party of National Unity ? UKIP is the Party that will honour Democracy, and help this Great Nation, and their MEPs will BE WORKING TO LOSE THEIR JOBS IN THE EU. Quite a change from Lib,Lab,Con, MEPs who have never had it so good !

  3. Brian Bevan says:

    I am 71 years of age and never been a member of any political party but I feel that something has to be done to stop these traitors ruining the country that my grandfather,who fought in the first world war in the trenches, and my father who was on beaches in the second world war fighting for freedom, that’s why I want to join UKIP

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      Same here Brian. I’m just a few years older, and both of my parents were in the R.A.F. I have not been a Party member before. I am now !

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