EXCLUSIVE: Express Wants “Nothing To Do With UKIP”

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11 Responses

  1. Alan Williams says:

    Simply confirms my suspicions about the Express.

  2. Pamela Preedy says:

    I switched to the Express years ago when it was the only paper supporting Brexit, although I didn’t read it regularly. Now it’s just another Labour-supporting Trinity Mirror rag, I won’t be touching it, or any other MSM paper. None of them offer neutral, balanced, unbiased reporting. The so-called ‘Independent’ is worst of all for its hypocrisy in calling itself independent.
    Anne Marie Waters calls the British media ‘poisonous’ and she’s right. All these rags deserve to disappear into history and all TV news channels should be watched with a huge chunk of sceptical salt.
    Using a spread of social media reporting is now the only way to escape lib/left/government propaganda and outright lies.

  3. Jim Stanley says:

    Why am I not surprised! Lost somewhere in the mists of time, I recall the tale of the “Emperors New Clothes”, where the Emperor walked naked in public, but no one told the truth. UKIP is the Emperor, we have been telling the truth for 25 years, indeed some of us have been saying that the Common Market was a mistake well before we joined in 1972. As a teenager in the 60’s, I remember my Grandfather laying out how things would unfold. Force of Arms fails in 1914/18 and again in 39/45, 10 years of bloody slaughter failed to subdue the British spirit, despite initial overwhelming odds. In 72, we were “the Poor Man of Europe”, some say because we rebuilt the continent before our own economic and industrial power base, aided by the Red Robbo’s of the world and awful products like the unmissed Austin Allegro, with the square steering wheel! My Grandfather was right, Germany, as he foretold, is the economic powerhouse of Europe. Now that the Express, the “Crusader” of true British values has buckled under and joined the fake news brigade, that particular Crusade is over. On a personal level, the loss of the Express is not a problem, I turn to Kipper Central, UKIP Daily and others for the truth of the matter, the MSM is handy to find out about the weather, the TV listings, the World Cup and stories like the youngsters trapped in a cave, but for the facts about “home news”, Joe Public has no reliable news service. Time was there was balance in the British newspaper industry according to your politics, but basically they were honest with the news, assuming you got past the late lamented page 3 of the Sun, how that brightened my dismal rainy winter morning’s! With only Remainers having a newspaper, just where do the Brexit supporter, or just the thinking undecided go?, Maybe Mr Banks could start up a sensible balanced daily news sheet? In the days of Dickens, the news was disseminated by pamphlets, forerunner to a proper newspaper, a simple single A4 folded in half, could easily be filled with exact information, just the very basics, the headline, a few sentences giving an outline, with a link to a website for in depth coverage. Would it work? I have no idea, I suppose that economics would come into it, maybe 20p for the “paper”, giving a free password daily included in the price may work. The loss of “our” Brexit supporting paper will not impact Kipper Central readers, as we know where to go for reliable news, but for the man in the street, where does he now go for the truth?

  4. Marilyn Catling says:

    Well we have been waiting for this to happen. I won’t be reading ANY MSM information any longer as it has sold it’s soul completely now.

    What a position for our country to be in…..all communication now being controlled by the Globalist elite. Time for UKIP to take the party door to door, and get as much coverage as possible through radio and on line. The Express will suffer in the long run, certainly.

  5. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    The Daily and Sunday Express have discarded an ace from their hand. History shows how Lord Beaverbrook’s Express was a mighty success, outselling all others, and its ‘Crusader’ was for free trade. If it still carries that in its red top, it should be ashamed ! It is now nothing more than a back-up to the Mirror, and I’m one customer that is lost to them forever !

  6. J.L.Kay says:

    The only newspaper I buy regularly is ‘The Daily Mail’ , which at least continues to support Brexit. Some of its columnists are obviously supporters of the ideals and policies of UKIP, even though they have not come out and publicly said so ( I mention Dominic Sandbrook for one). The rest of the MSM, especially the sickening Independent, the crackpot Guardian and the bend-over-backwards to be politically -correct BBC (British Baloney Corporation) are all Socialists organs, manned by Marxist apparatchiks and LGBT stooges.

  7. Ian Edwards says:

    I won’t be buying their paper any more.

    The ‘right’ ought to consider becoming more ‘organised’ (like the competition are) and start to black certain newspapers, pick on them one at a time, protest, defame, and drive down their share price, then tell them what we expect of them (a sort of Alinsky approach). Repeat as needed. Another approach is for the ‘right’ to buy up all the available shares in a target newspaper and then, as shareholders, start running the show (a more Soros approach).

  8. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I have had my two pennyworth on this matter, but upon consideration of the BBC’s news imbalance to UKIP’s detriment, I have a suggestion for our manifesto. An item that needs advertising, as even our manifesto is not read by very many people.
    STOP THE BBC’s TV LICENCE FORTHWITH ! I rather think that would be a vote winner. It would be interesting to see which Party copied us in that, as they do with our ideas. Many years ago I remember talking about this to a work mate. ”I don’t watch BBC, so why should I have to pay their licence ?” I had to tell him it was the Law, but on reflexion that was a weak answer !

  9. Chris Dark says:

    Sounds like an excellent target for boycotting. Spread the word far and wide.

  10. J.L.Kay says:

    The BBC is a hot bed of Marxists, Socialist apparatchiks, lesbians, gays and the rest of the LGBT crowd. No wonder the Corporation has 4 times as many of the aforementioned as the general population (about 0.2%), not 10% as Peter Tachell and Stonewall would have us believe. The BBC is the most politically -correct broadcaster in the world bar none and it should not be the law that we have to pay a licence fee to watch the drivel the Copulation churns out night after night.

    A viewer with taste.

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