WATCH: What They’re Not Telling You About the Brexit Sellout

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4 Responses

  1. B Ridley says:

    TRAITORS to Brexit the country and the people

  2. Rob Bryant says:

    Treason May lied.
    Brexit doesn’t mean Brexit.
    Brexit Means EXIT!
    Pure and simple.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    So Mrs May is fighting for her political life ! I know her brain is scrambled, but look ducky, you don’t have a further political life, not now ! You were a poor Home Secretary. You are a Jonah to the Conservative Party, just look at how you inherited a majority from Cameron, but blew it in the most stupid of elections, and then sent our money to the DUP for their support ! You have forced the Home Office to build a large list of deportations, but all of them have been soft targets, (I lost a good Tenant who was a Chinese entrepreneur). PUT BLUNTLY, YOUR A WASTE OF SPACE ! RESIGNE NOW OR BE PUSHED ! JUST GO ! At a local Northampton level, we will lose our best MP for many years, and it will be your fault. Your job must go to someone of ability, and that’s not you !

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