Leftists And Their Chants Of “Racism” Will Never Stop Us Supporting Our National Team

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  1. Jim Stanley says:

    OK, honesty time! I have no interest in the World Cup or football. I have never played the game, or been interested in so doing, and the only match .I went to was to provide parental eyes on my stepson when doing a school project at a local match. So now 49% of the male population and a good proportion of Ladies do not like me,such is life! I do not dislike football I just have no interest in it, preferring the oval ball game, but it does mean I can look on the Cup with unbiased eyes. I understand that there is a real possibility of winning the competition, this does not surprise me, our Nation is the best in the world at more or less anything we put our minds to, and the reason for this is very simple, the very best in the world, in all fields come to live and work here, many becoming British by choice, and end up being more patriotic than many native Brits! I actually feel sad and sorry for the detractors of our team’s atchievements. Man is a tribal animal, over our evolutionary period, we have joined together in family units growing in stature from small units into clan like groups, and eventually, the clans join together to protect their larger geographic area, fighting to retain control of the tribal lands, eventually assimilating into the people of an area identifying them selves with a region/country, and it is the strong feeling, the link to the earth that sustains us that leads to the Patriotic defence of our home territory. More or less every war or conflict ever fought has been over land and resources but over time, we have become civilized, instead of armed conflict on the field of battle, we select our very best at various sports to fight a symbolic battle, replacing bullets with a ball in this case.Put simply, it is fighting a war without the blood and gore, (although my sport has seen plenty of my own blood spilt), the men or women on the pitch cheered on by their supporters, hopefully in a peaceful, if noisy way! Those who have no feeling of pride in our team’s are so sad, with no roots, lacking any real base, homeless, listless, only seeing the bad in the world, in particular not accepting who they really are. Take another sport, cricket, a truly English pass time, but revered around the world. But who is a British Indian to support, both countries passionate about the long game, do they follow their Indian heritage or the country adopted by their forebears, quite simply they support the game, they cheer both sides, because that is sportsmanship, free of race, colour or creed, with their roots in both countries, they patrioticly support both teams, and see no conflict in so doing. The world could learn a lot from them. The group of people who cannot find this in their hearts are effectively stateless people, they have no understanding of the culture that bred them, no sense of belonging, no unity of purpose, just a vague feeling of not wanting to belong to their national group. I am not even angry at these bigoted, unthinking mindless individuals, I just feel pity and sadness that they have no belief in Nationhood, citizanship, no sense of family, they are cast adrift, with no wider purpose, and can only feel anything by seeking to bring the world’s down to their level, sad, sad damaged people, not worthy of arguing with, they can only see the world through their tainted bigotted eyes, never seeing the good, only destorting the bad into some wierd justification of their view. To have no pride in the atchiements of others must be the ultimate selfish act, while I do not support football, I find the thought that it may be within any of us to be that good at anything quite frightening, to be so good that the expectations of a Nation, some may say the World is, as the young say today, is “awesome”, if only we all looked within ourselves for that spark of excellance in whatever we do, the nation, and the world would be a lot better place. There is a passage in the Christian Bible that is appropriate “Do not blame them for they know not what they do”, they are just rather sad, inadequate people, who we need to be aware of, who are simple wrong, they are not worth arguing with, just dismiss their drivel as the mindless ramblings of an unsound mind, we have far bigger problems to resolve, and time spent concerned with this rubbish merely distracts us from our more important task.

  2. Pamela Preedy says:

    The stupid twerp who said ‘Football’s coming home’ is ‘colonialist’ is too ignorant to realise that the game originated in this country, as did cricket and rugby. The rest of the drivel spouted by fools who happen to live in this country simply reveals that they don’t deserve to and should bugger off elsewhere and give the rest of us a break.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I wonder if we had been able to win, and had taken the World Cup, – would the EU have claimed it to be their victory ? After all it would not be the first time, would it, thinking of the Olympics ?

  4. J.L.Kay says:

    I happen to be a patriot, in other words I believe in sticking up for our own country i.e. Great Britain and not feeling I have to apologise for things that happened hundreds of years in the past. I am also proud of this country’s past history and heritage, also our culture and the fact that we stood up against Fascism in the Second World War (there are plenty of Liberal Fascists about at the moment). Although not a great football fan, I believe that we should support our team in the World Cup, as representing the best there is in terms of things that we have become renowned for, such as sportsmanship and fair play and also youthful aspiration from a team of multi-cultural players.

    Those uninformed Leftie idiots who equate patriotism and supporting your country with colonialism and racism are just that – IDIOTS. They are more bigoted and prejudiced than the ‘Fascists’ they pretend to hate. Where are they, anyway? Not in UKIP, that’s for sure. Practically every person I have met over several years who has been a UKIP member has been a sensible, sane and level-headed person, with a firm grasp of current affairs and modern politics.

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