WATCH: “Donald Trump Cheered Brexit On” – Farage On Trump And Brexit

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5 Responses

  1. Anthony Woodcock says:

    Outside of the USSR and North Korea, can anyone think of a single country that would dictate who the President of the Free World should meet? What an extraordinary country is Maybe Britain!

  2. Love Liberty says:

    If The President and Farage meet, what will May do? Put Farage in the tower? Declare war on America? Tell them both to stand in the corner?

  3. Jim Stanley says:

    How DARE SHE! Mr Trump is a visiting American President, whose schedule is more or less fixed well in advance, it has to be for security reasons if nothing else,but there is also a private side to his trip when, I understand, he is due to visit one of his golf courses in Scotland, for a round or two and enjoy some downtime in a place close to his heart.I can see no legitimate reason why anyone should stop him seeing whoever he pleases. Nigel represents no security risk, he is not privy to any “secrets”, he is not a Government employee, but an MEP who is ideally placed to speak to POTUS about how Brexit will impact the EU now and in the future. He is possibly, given their friendship, the man best able to help us get the best of trade deals with the USA. What is May(not) so worried about? If “The Donald” wishes to meet up with his chum Nigel, she should be briefing Nigel as to the deal she wishes to strike when we eventually leave the EU and the restrictive Customs Union. She may not like it, but Nigel is the best tool in the box to get that elusive deal. They will meet, short of arresting Nigel on some trumped (no pun intended) up charge. Should she try and stop it, she will come to regret it, unless, of course, she wishes to be seen as a third world dictator!

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I sincerely hope that Trump is accorded the respect that America’s Head of State is entitled to on his visit. I can’t stand the guy, but will stay at home in order to not embarrass him or our own Head of State, The Queen.
    As for Johnson or Farage meeting him, anything can happen between friends, and May, yet again seems to be at odds with this. WHY ? Trump intends to visit his golf club in Scotland, and it would seem likely that he might invite friends to join him. BUT OUT MAY !

  5. Cllr Philip Winter (UKIP) says:

    We should not be waiting for President Donald Trump to come to us, UKIP HQ should be sending high profile delegation of its most learned representatives to meet with him at the White House!
    As a political party in our own right, we should be planning our future role in government. It is my belief that a future General election will see us being the “King maker” in what is increasingly looking like a Coalition government?
    Are we having high level talks with Tory Constituency Associations, and Conservative MP’s?
    That is what we should be doing now. And if not, please explain why?

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