EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Sargon Of Akkad Talks UKIP, Brexit, Farage & Batten

Reece Coombes

As a 16-year-old member of UKIP with a cardboard Nigel Farage cut-out in his bedroom, Reece is hardly your bog-standard student, but he cherishes his independent thinking as his greatest strength. Reece is the founder and owner of Kipper Central, a UKIP community blog with thousands of daily hits and is also the Deputy Chairman of Young Independence, UKIP's youth wing, where he works hard to promote Brexit and radical thinking to young people across Britain.

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9 Responses

  1. Grumpyashell says:

    If Sargon and his compatriots can get the UKIP message across to a younger age group and make it cool to question the ceaseless illiberal media focus all for the good. I think we will find in the next few months that UKIP will come under morecattacks from the media as it I gains strength from increasing membership.
    Ok,they may not bring hundred of members but if they bring in new voters it must be good.

    I look forward to the campaigns they will bring and hopefully knowledge that can be brought to bear to get the UKIP message across

  2. Marilyn Catling says:

    As usual, a very interesting piece from Reece. I feel like I know this man a lot better now.
    UKIP Are obviously back, and I cannot wait to see the numbers rise again. I’m sharing everything they post and you should too.

  3. Talun-karku says:

    Interesting but if I might add a thought on pjw dank and sargons audience not booming the party as much as it possibly ought too. Its obvious that a large chunk of their fanbases are over seas like myself in New Zealand, or aus or america etc we really can’t actively participate in your system.

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    It would be good if these young souls were able to build a great gathering to worry Government. In hope !

  5. Erich says:

    The United States stands with Ukip and those marvelous bastards Sargon, PJW and Dankula.

    The UK needs to reclaim their identity and independence from the EU and throw off the globalist zombies in Brussels.

  6. Ian says:

    The rising muslim “rigged!” Vote will get ya.. imo

  7. Philip Duval says:


    Bit rich getting involved in the party and then supporting the man who left it in a mess. Batten for me every day of the week.

  8. Union Jacky says:

    I’ve long voted UKIP but, like Sargon, trusted the Tories last time. This time, Sargon, Dank & PJW joining inspired me to do the same. Sargon’s audience is not just young people. My dad is a massive fan and he’s 70. My age is not spring chicken either.

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