KHAN’S LONDON: ‘Free Speech’ Khan SLAMS ‘Islamophobic’ Tory MP

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3 Responses

  1. Ian Hensman says:

    AS a people we must stop all this political correctness and if I or anyone else wish to have a go at some of these PC and hypocritical Moslem monkeys it should be quite in orders especially if they instigate the exchange.
    I reckon Khan should leave Londonistan and retire to Pakistan.
    How about Tommy Robinson for Mayor?

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    It seems to me, in the provinces that our Capital City has gone nuts ! Khan from Labour doesn’t have the ability to run a pop shop, let alone London, and with the crime stats as high as they are, what does he do ? – He tries to offend the Head of State of the USA, with the most childish of stupidity. I don’t like Trump, and a number of his actions, but I am able to take his roll as America’s Representative, and honour that in exclusion to him as a person. I would have thought that professional politicians would also have managed that matter of separation ! Then Fabricant from the Tory party has to reply in the same childish way ! COME ON UKIP, SHOW THEM HOW !

  3. Rick Bourget says:

    It’s pretty simple folks. The media is the foremost enemy of the people holding information and outright liars. Thousands of priests and ministers and preachers who have access to the people and hold back news as the Islamics gain control. Many people can’t name their politicians and never vote. Yet all watch the tube.

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