Our Beliefs

At Kipper Central, we passionately believe in a few basic principals, and they guide us in our political opinions.

  • Libertarianism is the only way forward. This means that we do not support the state controlling each and every aspect of our lives. We do not think that socialism will work and we prefer a system where taxes are at a minimum to unleash the economy’s true potential.
  • Justice must be served. We do not support a murderer leaving jail after just 7 years because he behaved well in prison. We think that all animal-related sentences should be harshly punished and we believe in putting the victim before the criminal in all cases.
  • Everyone has the right to freedom of speech. We don’t care who you are or what you stand for. You should be able to say it without fear of persecution. You should not have to be politically correct to be listened to if that means selling out the truth in favour of lies.
  • Direct Democracy is the only system by which the people have power. There should be a major referendum at least every two years, which would promote involvement in political issues. General elections should use a proportional system, not like FPTP or AV.
  • Youth involvement in politics is critical to democracy. The owner of Kipper Central, as well as a number of its writers, are under 18. That doesn’t mean they have stupid political views or cannot participate in discussions. And they should be encouraged to do so in all circumstances.

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