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We did it. We got our country back. Now we must report on it and hold the government’s feet to the fire. All Brexit related articles can be found here.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Sargon Of Akkad Talks UKIP, Brexit, Farage & Batten

Speaking exclusively to Kipper Central last week, prominent YouTuber and now UKIP activist Sargon Of Akkad gave his thoughts on the latest developments both within UKIP and on Theresa May’s Brexit deal, revealing for...

WATCH: Stop Treason May And Join UKIP!

Following Treason May’s Brexit betrayal at Chequers, the leader of UKIP, Gerard Batten MEP urges Brexiteers to join UKIP. A short message from me re Treason May’s surrender to the EU. Join UKIP!


People need to stop blaming the migrants and all people should start blaming the liberal elite globalisation policies that will only benefit big corporations, banks and tech used to create mental control. The Barcelona Treaty...


Nigel Farage has said he feels “conned” by Theresa May and that her promise that ‘Brexit Means Brexit’ is hollow. Shockingly he also said that under the current proposals laid out by the Prime...