At Kipper Central, we value our writers greatly. It’s important to us that our readers know who we are, so we’ve got a little bit about each of us here:

Reece Coombes – Founder and Owner

Reece is the founder and owner of Kipper Central. He is also the Deputy Chairman of Young Independence.

As a 16-year-old member of UKIP, he campaigned strongly to leave the EU and regularly attends meetings and conferences. His motivation in politics is to rid the world of traditional politicians in favour of straight talking normal people. He believes in libertarianism, capitalism and nationalism (political, not cultural). Reece is also the Young Independence Secretary at his local UKIP branch and as such sits on the committee.

  • Email: reece@kippercentral.com
  • Twitter: @ReeceUKIP


Darrell Goodliffe – Editor In Chief

Darrell is an experienced political writer, commentator and activist. He has made the long and winding political journey from far left to the right and found his political home as a member of UKIP. His politics are best described as socially conservative with economic concern for the less well off, with a strong commitment to freedom and democracy at the core of his politics. 


Abigail Eatock- Deputy Editor

Abigail Eatock is a 3rd year Politics with International Relations student at the University of York, specialising in Global Security. She is also the chair of the York UKIP Society, as well as the Media Officer for UKIP Students. As well as this, she is the co-owner of The English Channel, a new alternative media outlet, and worked on Peter Whittle’s leadership team. She is a campaigner and activist for several charities including the Stroke Association and Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust. Aside from this, she is a passionate member of UKIP, and is committed to promoting our party’s values and ideals nationwide.


Martin Hollingworth- Deputy Editor

Martin “Marv” Hollingworth was completely uninterested in politics until around 2014, as he thought there was nobody worth voting for, but then he discovered UKIP. A member since October 2016, he has campaigned in multiple cities and emailed a number of MPs.


John Holland

John has many years’ experience across a broad range of disciplines. He occupied a senior management position in Local Government where he designed major financial and other business and computer systems. This followed on from a career in Radio, Television and electronics after he had first qualified as a Radio Officer for the Merchant Navy. His other experience has included time in the Printing Industry and a Major Building Society. Since retiring he has managed a Registered Charity and a Community Interest Company. At present, John is studying for a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics. He has been a member of UKIP for six years, has stood for election at local level and has twice been approved for the Parliamentary candidates list. He writes with first-hand experience of escaping from childhood poverty and working at every level in the private, public and third sectors. John is a hands-on sort of person who thinks, “outside the box”.

In his spare time he has spent 17 years acting in the role of “patient advocate” representing very vulnerable people to the NHS, Local Authorities and to an APPG in Parliament. That included overseeing, as a lay person, clinical trials. He successfully saved a railway line from extinction and was one of the primary campaigners that saved a wonderful theatre from perpetual darkness.  He has been a regular writer for Kipper Central since June 2017. Several hundred of his pieces have featured in the largest circulation Regional Newspaper in the UK. He is the primary admin on a UKIP supporting facebook group where polite debate rules.


Alan Craig

Alan Craig is a political activist and adviser who loves campaigning. He joined UKIP in 2014. He is Secretary of UKIP Havering branch, former London Regional deputy chairman and Parliamentary candidate for Brent North (2015) and Witney (2017).


Ben Walker

Following his education, Ben Walker joined The Royal Navy; serving on Portsmouth based Type 42 Destroyers before then embarking upon a tour in the Falkland Islands. In a quote, Ben states, “I am extremely proud to have served my country where I also saw active service in the Middle East”. Since leaving the Armed Services in 2003, Ben has operated his own businesses in construction whilst also serving as a Town Councillor, Town Mayor, District Councillor, and Vice Chair of his local authority. He has also been a member of UKIP since 2011, a Parliamentary Candidate, and Chairman of the branch he founded. He is the very proud father of two girls and two boys and he wants nothing more than to secure a environment where the next generation can be safe, prosperous and fulfil their potential within a country that allows them to. Ben stood in the 2017 UKIP Leadership Elections and currently holds the position of Lead Spokesman for the Indigo Group; UKIP’s Libertarian think tank and policy formation group.


Helen Jenner

Welsh-born Helen Jenner lives in London, working as an English teacher and GCSE examiner. A member of ukip since 2012, she has campaigned in elections across England and Wales and more recently has taken on the role of Young Independence Wales Chairman. Helen has represented UKIP on a variety of Welsh language TV and radio shows, including the Welsh version of Question Time ‘Pawb a’i Farn’.