Your Local UKIP News

Great people do great things.  Especially when they’re local. Especially when they’re UKIP. But nobody ever hears about it, because local papers are far more interested in the other parties or bad stuff about UKIP than what we do the vast majority of the time. We decided that if the mainstream media wasn’t going to report the good news, then we would.

That’s why we launched Kipper Central Grassroots, where we’re reporting on the UKIP local news all around the country with the great things our branches, Councillors, Assembly Members, MEPs, candidates and members are doing for their communities – whether that be through winning elections, challenging their awful councils or doing great work for their communities like litter-picks or charity work.

If you or your branch have been doing something great in your community, or know of somebody or a branch that has, please let us know about it by filling in the form below and we’ll be in touch!