The Strange Case of the Book-Burning Rabbi

UKIP’s candidate for the Mayoralty of Manchester got himself into a bit of bother after deciding to burn a Bible and then publish the pictures, complete with a snarky comment, on Twitter. The gentleman in question knows his actions were wrong and I dare say, if he were to search his soul, would hopefully accept that his actions were blasphemous; this much we can tell from the following insight into his behaviour:

Odze told the newspaper that he felt he had no choice but to burn the book because he did not want to pass on what he believes is false religion to someone else and said that throwing a religious text in the garbage was distasteful, especially because it also contains the Five Books of Moses.

I admit Mr Odze has lost me with his logic. Its “distasteful” to throw the book into the garbage but perfectly ok to burn it, then boast about it on Twitter. Equally mysterious is the identity and logic of the mysterious ‘UKIP Spokesperson’ who said they could “understand” this act – they must know something I dont because I certainly cant “understand” it – though I can understand, and to a large degree share, the anger behind the backlash against it I have seen.

Be that as it may – I think this issue is a ‘lightening rod’ for frustration over a [perceived?] shift of policy position on halal/kosher slaughter of animals. I have not seen any evidence that this shift has occurred though I am, as ever, open to be proven wrong and that it has in fact happened. Bill Etheridge stated on Facebook that:

The holding position I’ve been told is that unless something explicitly different comes out from an official spokesman sanctioned by the leader then the 2015 manifesto still applies in all areas.

However, given the amount of discontent this is causing, personally, I think that the leadership would be wise to clarify this matter promptly.

It got me to thinking in any case. Where is UKIP’s organisation for Christians? Most, if not all, political parties have one [and indeed for other religions too], the Conservatives have the Conservative Christian Fellowship , Labour has Christians on the Left and the Liberal Democrats have a Christian Forum but so far I have not seen anything in UKIP. If this is a ‘gap in the market’ you would be willing to help me fill then by all means drop me a line @


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