Out Foxing Mrs May

Few things speak to the dark heart of barbarity at the heart of the British establishment like fox hunting. It is simply stupefying that people can really justify this practice at all and the thought of people deriving pleasure from it is something I, frankly, find a little unsettling. No matter how much you sugar coat it this is basically the derivation of pleasure from the intense suffering of the fox. It isnt about the chase because if it was then there would be no lobby for the return of fox hunting at all because drag hunting would be a more than satisfactory replacement for full on fox hunting. If it were about ‘pest control’ then the fact that the shooting of a fox on these grounds remains legal would again suffice so, please, let’s cut the flannel and get down to brass tacks, people who want fox hunting back do so through sheer bloodlust.

Normally, the argument is advanced that fox hunting is necessary to maintain good husbandry of the countryside. This, however, is simply not true:

The Westminster Government’s inquiry into Hunting With Dogs, concluded:

The overall contribution of traditional fox hunting, within the overall total of control techniques involving dogs is almost insignificant in terms of management of the fox population as a whole.

In fact, some hunts have even encouraged foxes to live and breed in their area by building artificial earths and putting food down to make sure there are enough foxes to be hunted for so-called ‘sport’.

Proponents of the sport argue that the fox suffers little when it dies, allegedly, dying quickly , however, again there are significant arguments against that:

A study of post-mortem examinations of foxes killed by hounds above ground undermined this claim, indicating that the animals died from profound trauma inflicted by multiple dog bites rather than a ‘quick bite to the neck’.

Common sense, to my mind, suggests the latter is more likely because I find it unlikely that hyped-up, blood-crazed hounds are unlikely to proceed with a precision strike like SAS-trained killers. Fox hunting is barbaric and to put it bluntly more than a little evil and its practice is deeply dehumanising for both the participants and any society which allows it which is the final word in why the ban should remain. I don’t go along with those people who put animals on pedestals, who make them more important than human beings, nor do I support those who resort to terrorism to defend animal rights but let’s be quite clear, we have a moral duty of good stewardship and to care for animals and deal with them in a humane way lest we lose our humanity in treating them badly. UKIP has a hitherto good record on animal welfare issues and we should maintain that here and make a clear stand.

Ive noticed that during this election campaign the Conservative Party is tossing out its garbage, metaphorically speaking, in a epic fashion – in other words, its getting policies out there they know will be desperately unpopular, like a free vote on fox hunting, like potential tax rises, knowing they wont get too much coverage and when they get back in they will have a mandate to do it and if anyone complains they can point back to the moment they ‘let us know’ this is exactly what they intended to do.  No matter what happens on June 8th they will need a strong, focused opposition which wants a different kind of Britain post-Brexit – why should we exchange slavery to the European Union for slavery to a out of touch and barbaric British establishment. UKIP still has a place and a purpose. We should not forget that.


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