United States Neo-Liberals Have Gone Too Far

On the morning of June 14, 2017, a gunman opened fire on congressmen who were practising for the annual charity baseball game. Immediately, social media exploded with rumors that the gunman belonged to a Facebook group that incites violence against Republicans. People pointed a finger at Democrats who glorify domestic terrorism. Had this happened a year ago, I would have thought them to be wrong, but I have become disillusioned.

When I was a child, the difference between democrats and republicans was money and  religious affiliations. But now it seems the difference is how violent they are, or perhaps even how insensitive they are. Republican Paul Ryan asked for unity while Governor Terry McAuliffe used the opportunity to push gun control. While President Trump gave a solemn address that bore no political agenda, there were tweets from many Democrats saying that Congressman Scalise deserved to be shot and potentially killed because of health care.

The trouble in America, as well as the world, is that people are willing to use violence as a means of scaring people into their way of thinking. The Christians used their faith as a reason to steal resources from other countries. The Israelites wiped out many nations in the region they settled in because of “God”. Now Islam is turning out terrorists who want to spread their faith by setting off bombs in highly populated areas.

Many Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists start riots, smashing windows, setting things on fire, blocking the road. BLM and Feminist groups yell and scream in the faces of those that “oppress” them. BLM wants white people dead, feminists don’t think that it’s possible for men to be raped, and don’t care about male suicide rates. These people fight for supremacy like the KKK used to lynch people. They brainwash their members like Hitler brainwashed his army.

You can believe in equality, you can fight against injustice, but you do not have to hurt or kill people. You can disagree on a bill, with a political stance, with my religious affiliation, but that doesn’t mean all of society has to bend to your will. And if it doesn’t, that doesn’t give you the right to hurt others. This tactic is not a new one, and it’s not working.

I am not a Republican, by any means, but I cannot agree with this madness. Please stop shooting people.

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