Draining the Westminster Swamp

“May you live in interesting times” is actually not the blessing it is widely perceived but is in fact an old Chinese curse. I am pretty sure Theresa May and the entire British political establishment would under their collective breath assent to the sentiment behind that fact.

Let’s lay our cards on the table. Many within UKIP, including the leadership, put forward a point of view that UKIP voters should vote Conservative tactically to ensure the safety of Brexit. It has now become apparent that this advice was a mistake that voting for the Conservatives has in fact damaged and imperilled the very thing we sought to save. It has also, to my mind, sown a mass delusion in the minds of many UKIP members and supporters that Mrs May is somehow the patron saint of Brexit. She isnt. However, dont take my word from it, hear what Nigel Farage has to say on Twitter:

To get a good Brexit deal, Britain needs a PM who truly believes in it. That person is not Theresa May. 

But, then again, maybe Mr Farage is just a ‘commie Corbynite’ in disguise as indeed the narrative of some of the staunchest Kipper defenders of Mrs May’s seems to run? Obviously not. It shows how deep this delusional belief has actually embedded itself in our Party that such terms can be thrown about with a gusto which actually is an echo of leftist thought policing. Anyone who challenges the narrative that Mrs May is anything but a hallowed saint of patriotism is demonised as being with the other lot. So, we have swallowed Mrs May’s blatant lies and internalised the malign lesser evilism of the two-party duopoly as well? This is not good. It also doesn’t bode well for UKIP be able to talk to the swelling populist rebellion against Mrs May.

Let’s turn to Grenfell. The charges against Labour, including the complicity of the new Labour MP for Kensington & Chelsea in the circumstances leading up to the disaster are serious and warranted. However, none of this should lead to us manning the barricades to defend Mrs May as she limps through at least attempting a semi-human response. Rather they should scream the thing that the headline to this blog is trying to convey – that it is the two-party duopoly and the British establishment that is broken. If we are a truly anti-establishment party is now not the time to show it? If Labour are allowed to be the only voice of anti-establishment sentiment and we either want to hold the critics of Mrs May at bay or, worse in some cases, actively defend and promote her are we not running the risk that the coming revolution will be red, not purple?

It is doubtless true that militant agitators got to work amongst the Grenfell residents but it seems that there was a legitimate movement of people who are completely understandably exceptionally angry and upset. So much so that Katie Hopkins, who incidentally is actually on the ground and obviously also not a famed ‘commie/anarchist agitator’ was compelled to tweet:

I have never protested in my life. Today I stand with the poor families of #GrenfellTower. GET DOWNSTAIRS AND GIVE THEM THE REGISTER NOW. 

So, you know, maybe we should just explore the possibility that buried underneath the undoubted layer of heavy politics leftist hypocrisy and manipulation there are angry, grieving, hurt people with quite legitimate demands which we should address before the fascistic left actually do manipulate this movement to their own ends. Surely, is not the case that the people in Grenfell Tower were badly let down by an uncaring and cold Prime Minister and a Labour Party complicit in their manner of living right from the get-co, right to the point of their new MP being someone who actively PRAISED the refurbishment of the Tower. In actual fact rather than heaping moral condemnation on the protestors should we not again listen to Ms Hopkins, who is actually on the scene, when she says:

But right now I believe those protestors have every right to be angry both at the actions which caused this tragedy and the lack of action since.

I really dont understand what people see that is worth defending in Mrs May and her government. Is it the sterling commitment to Brexit? Not real. Is it the amazing record on civil liberties/immigration? Again, not real, in your head I am afraid. Just because they aren’t the other lot isnt really a positive reason to support them now is it? Worse still, and Mrs May’s defenders have to realise this, she is 50 shades of useless, she is literally the most spectacularly incompetent Prime Minister this county since John Major and we all remember how that ended dont we? Shes not going to win. Her political career is in a death spiral, so why tie our Party to the Titanic?  Surely, we should be on the other side, trying to wrest hegemony of the opposition from Labour rather than sinking with Captain Calamity thrashing about like a demented squirrel in a peddle bin.

We have a leadership election coming-up. Most of the candidates will talk about UKIP being an anti-establishment Party and indeed that is where it should be at, sadly, however, we have to face the possibility that is not currently where we are at and that we have brought too far into supporting a weak unstable Conservative government led by a fundamentally incompetent and uncaring PM who is widely hated. Our new leader must set us back on the course we were meant to take and be a Party that is committed to draining an overflowing Westminster swamp.

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