Finsbury Park: Islam to Blame?

Anne Marie Waters has caused a stir by blaming Islam from the Finsbury Park terrorist attack. More on the troubling response from some quarters later but let’s look at the two central propositions, we are at war and that it is Islams fault and consider what actually happened in Finsbury Park. Starting with the last part, I have to be quite clear that the attack on Finsbury Park was morally repugnant. and has in fact, intensified the states drive to Islamification. You simply cannot answer evil with evil and Ms Waters unquestionably should have made this point. Muslims are unquestionably victims of the evil of Islam, literally, across the Middle East and indeed the globe billions of Muslim people suffer under its lash. To fail to distinguish between Islam and Muslim people themselves, victims of its deceit and barbarity, is to do the political establishments job for it.

This is the problem with Ms Waters analysis it lacks depth. It lacks proper consideration of the part that the globalist elite have played in engineering this war. Let’s look at the facts. The political elites all know that countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar directly fund ISIS, the Clinton emails show this is demonstrably the case yet they continue to support these countries in every conceivable way, laughably, peddling the myth to the general populace that these counties are ‘vital allies’ in the ‘war on terror’. Indeed they are vital allies – TO ISIS. The same elites continue to allow a power of mass Islamic immigration despite widespread warnings about the social consequences of this policy quite apart from the evidence our own eyes can give us – usually this is under the guise of humanitarian aid to those fleeing war-torn countries such as Syria, you know, the same Syria massively destabilised by ISIS, who are in receipt of Saudi and Qatari (and therefore Western) money.  When you add it to the fact that time after time, Jihadist terrorists who commit atrocities are openly reported as having been KNOWN to authorities, we are looking less at a conspiracy theory and more plain old fashioned common sense. What is more the motivation is there to start a war between indigenous people and Islamic forces, if you want a world without borders who amoung the people is more likely to resist than patriotic people? What better way to deal with them than political smearing and then active state persecution?

If you will indulge me for a minute Star Wars aficionados amoung the readers cast your mind to the basic plot of the three prequels. It could basically be summarised as this evil dictator gains total power, destroying a democratic republic and converting it to an imperial power greeted with thunderous applause by engineering a war in which he ultimately controls both sides. He creates such a demand for ‘peace’ ‘security’ and ‘stability’ that rather than defend democracy people rise as one to acclaim its end. Starting to sound familiar? The state may not control the response of those on the right but it certainly is not stupid and it knows that eventually wave after wave of Islamist terror attacks will eventually lead to a response and it has literally been wave after wave during this Ramadan. This is another reason Ms Waters response was ill conceived. She simply cannot see beyond Islam to the sinister forces that lie behind it. We are in a war situation, a war that the globalist imperial power wants so it can ratchet up its attacks on ‘Islamaphobic’ patriots and intensify its drive to Islamify the Western world.

However, the response from some quarters within UKIP, including her rivals for the leadership has been worrying. Bill Etheridge is quoted in the Daily Mirror saying the following:

Ukip MEP Bill Etheridge said her comments were “stupid and divisive”.

He added that if he were leader: “I would recommend her and her vociferous supporters’ removal from the party.”

This simply should not be the case and as a Christian critic of Islam and a UKIP member who is currently undecided on the question of who to support in the leadership contest I can state this makes me feel uncomfortable. If Mr Etheridge wins the leadership will my theological and political conviction that Islam is evil be enough to warrant my removal from UKIP? I asked Bill this on Facebook and to his eternal credit, his interaction with the membership is second to none, he replied, he believes my opinion is extreme which is of course his right but the core question remains is would my UKIP membership be forfeit for holding and publicly expressing this view? The uncertainty caused by his comments makes me seriously disinclined to support him for precisely this reason, if I was going to vote for my own expulsion id save the bother and simply resign. Where do we draw the line? Which other of my opinions would be deemed beyond the pale under an Etheridge leadership? I think Bill needs to provided us with some clarity here and seek to reassure the many UKIPers who hold to a consistent dislike of Islam that they would not be denied their democratic right to free expression if he wins.

Regardless of who wins, the issue of Islam is not going away and regardless of Ms Waters success or otherwise it is one we as a Party will have to address sooner or later because she was unquestionably right about one thing; whether we like it or not, open war is upon us and its being waged by a globalist elite simply determined on winning its peace through our submission.


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