Let in Refugees, or We’ll SUE!

When the flood of immigration into Europe from Africa and the Middle East started, Europe and the EU were caught unaware. Even now thousands take boats from the shores of Libya in a desperate hope to land on EU soil or be ‘Caught’ by the EU Coast Guard and given a free ride to European lands. The EU itself has asserted that all member states are obligated to take in a certain quota of refugees, ostensibly to ease the burden on Greece and Italy. This article is not about the success, more honestly, the failure of the quota system.

Poland and Hungary refused to abide by this system and have taken in zero refugees, the Czech Republic took in a total of twelve. In doing this, the three nations were using their age-old right to determine who could, and could not, enter their borders.

I am sure anyone reading this already knows but the EU is now planning on suing the three nations for breaking EU laws in the hopes that they will change their mind and let in as many new people as a far away council in Brussels deems fit. And since they have already said no I am totally convinced that said council would never stoop so low as to totally inundate these countries with more refugees than they could possibly handle in a bid to put off other countries thinking about following suit. That would, of course, be conjecture on my part.

In the minds of the EU, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic, these very peaceful nations should now let in anyone they are told to. My counter-argument to this is quite simple:

Compare this,

France, Germany, Belgium and Sweden, four wealthy countries who all have open door policies towards Refugees and plan to allow in many more. All have had numerous terrorist attacks (terrorist attacks in this instance will also include all the rapes, Sharia patrols, assaults, kidnappings, murders etc. that have been committed by refugees in these countries). Many areas in all of the above countries are classified as so-called ‘no-go zones’ where being white or of European ancestry is enough to get you attacked.

Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic, three poorer nations who in total have let in twelve refugees. There have not been any terrorist attacks and the idea of ‘no-go zones’ is still a foreign and laughable idea.

So which one would you rather live in?

My final thoughts on the matter are that if this is how the EU treats people who are only trying to defend their country, I don’t know where it can go from here. If any kind of punitive measures are taken against the three countries, or if they are somehow forced to take in refugees, then I am pretty sure POLXIT, HUNXIT and CZECHXIT are just on the horizon.

EU Sues Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic For Not Taking Enough Muslim Refugees


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