BREAKING: Nigel is Not Standing for UKIP Leader…

Nigel Farage has announced he is not standing for the leadership of UKIP. Announcing the decision in the Telegraph he said:

 While many have been lobbying me and urging me to come back, I have decided that this would not be the right thing to do and I will not be standing. While I remain a strong supporter of the party and think there is a real chance in two years that Ukip may be more relevant than ever, the party itself needs serious reforms.

In my opinion, this is hugely disappointing for UKIP. However, I understand his decision totally. When I read The Purple Revolution it really shone through every page of that book how much of his life he poured into UKIP and Brexit. He is more than entitled to now say he does not want to run this time. I don’t doubt he will continue to fight for Brexit in the way he thinks best right until the day we leave the European Union, something that will doubtless be his enduring legacy to British politics as will his patient building of UKIP which, despite this setback, is here to stay.

We move forward now with a strong field of candidates for the leadership each presenting a unique direction of travel for the Party.  Although I am sure many reading this will not feel this way right now, we have the opportunity to move on with a new leader and go from strength-to-strength.

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