Modern Discussion is Deadly

Society is in a state of ultimate division. We have taken our rights to disagree with one another and turned it into a war tactic. We unleash this tactic on our fellow countrymen. It is as if we want to start a new race war in the western world, or a war between right and left ideologies. We often forget that nothing is ever black and white. I believe that we’re all guilty of this, at some point in our lives, and a lot of people are guilty of this right now.

We all have our differences in opinions, and often overlook our similarities. I am just trying to get by in life, and it’s hard. There are a lot of other people out there that would disagree with my political viewpoint or my belief system and are also just trying to get by. I am a woman. There are a lot of women out there that disagree with me. The difficulty lies with how we often react to our differing opinions.

When you use your difference of opinion as a reason to hinder, hurt, or kill another person, you are using it incorrectly. The differences of opinion are there to open your mind. We express so that we can listen to each other and understand. At the end of the day, we still might not agree, but we can coexist with each other. That is the ultimate goal.

But modern technology has only seemed to worsen this effect. While it is generally perceived as “good” that we can find people with our same beliefs at the touch of a button, we often forget to balance ourselves out with other opinions. We lock ourselves in an echochamber that only reinforces our beliefs. This creates a toxic mindset in which any differing belief would likely tear one’s world apart. The fear of this causes everyone involved to refuse to listen. People shout and break windows and shoot each other, much like animals who feel threatened and strike.

I only ask that anyone and everyone who may read this can understand how important it is to have a civil conversation with one another. Just breathe, and calmly engage one another. If you feel tensions rising, disengage. There is no need to turn a discussion into a riot. If you’ll excuse me, I have some rallies to attend.

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