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Whether you were one of the tens of thousands who visited the previous version of this site earlier this year, or are a brand new viewer, you are very welcome to the return of alt-politics.com. We aim to bring you the political stories that the mainstream media either ignore or distorts. We are not aligned to a particular political party or movement but we write from a maverick libertarian perspective and support direct democracy. We are particularly interested in issues around freedom and liberty. We approve of Brexit and offer qualified support to Nigel Farage, President Donald Trump and those within UKIP seeking to reform the party along a direct democracy model. We are against racism and fascism whether from the right or the left, and there are plenty of examples on both sides. We will not normally moderate comments unless they make physical threats, are libellous, or threaten to bring the site into disrepute. Although we support total freedom of speech we personally believe that comments made in a constructive and non abusive manner have a far higher likelihood of influencing debate.

Support Kipper Central

Kipper Central is here to spread the real news with the British and global public, without political correctness and without lies.
However, we are an extremely small team each putting in several hours a day, despite none of us having full-time jobs.
We, therefore, rely on the kind support of our readers to keep reporting on the stories that nobody else will and to keep promoting what is truly happening in Britain and across the world.

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