Verhofstadt Threatens Brexit Deal ‘VETO’

ALDE Party supremo Guy Verhofstadt (pictured above) has today threatened to veto any European Parliament vote on a Brexit deal unless the UK changes its plans on citizenship rules. The Brussels bureaucrat tweeted that any vote on the current proposals put forward by Theresa May ‘would not be a yes’.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme Mr. Verhofstadt said:

‘The European Parliament would not vote to pass the Brexit deal if the rights of EU citizens are diminished or cut off as they are at the moment. In the EU proposal, British people and Europeans keep the same rights and the same level of protection they currently enjoy under European law.

‘The UK response to our proposal came three weeks later. It was a damp squib. The British Government proposes that – the day after Brexit – Europeans obtain the status of ‘third country nationals’. These nationals would get fewer rights in the UK than British citizens are offered throughout the EU’.

Mr. Verhofstadt has long been a major critic of the UK’s decision to leave the EU.

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  1. norman Rogers says:

    Here is The Deal. We will give the Same rights ,health care and benifits ect to any EU CITIZENS living in the UK. As They give to British citizens living in There adopted Eu Countries.(which in most case,s is Nothing.) ..That’s fair enough isn’t it.

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