BREAKING: John Rees-Evans Standing for UKIP Leader

John Rees Evans has tonight announced he will stand for the leadership of UKIP, with the slogan “Be The Government”. In November 2016, he came third behind Suzanne Evans with 18.1% of the vote. He made the announcement at a gathering in Westminster to a small group of UKIP members. Regarding the last leadership of UKIP, he told them that:

We just stood still and stared for too long. We were not ready with a compelling image.

He went on to say

I have decided that I will be standing to contest the leadership of the United Kingdom Independence Party

He certainly will bring a different dynamic to the race being a strong proponent of using the Direct Democracy to promote a wider “political revolution” in the UK. The field is starting to look a little crowded and alot of focus will now be on whether deals will be done between the different candidates to narrow the field. However, if this number of candidates remain in the field it is possible that the candidate with the most cohesive voting bloc will eventually win the day but with a relatively small percentage of the votes cast. Watch this space for more news on what will be an interesting and defining contest for the future of the Party.

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