Anne Marie Waters- The leader UKIP and Britain demand

There was a time just over a year ago when UKIP were polling at nearly 20%, yet today we find ourselves in a complete mess. The party has had a disastrous election campaign and has lost the masses of support we once enjoyed up and down our islands.

We have no message, no unique selling point that people are concerned with. Our campaign was based on “integration”, which, albeit important, isn’t something that other parties generally say they oppose. We had nothing sticking out there that we really went on about to get people talking and get people interested. We failed to be a movement, we failed to be the “people’s army” we once were that had clear purpose and momentum.

Therefore, it’s so important we choose a strong leader, we need someone who has a purpose, who has a vision for the future that they want to fight for, and dedicate all their time and energy to. Someone who can generate public interest, someone who can stir up a bit of controversy and use it to our advantage. If we don’t have a leader of this sort we will continue to slide into irrelevance, the media will never give us attention and no one would be drawn in to become members of the party.

Anne Marie Waters is the only person who can offer this. Miss Waters has a cause, a firm belief in nation and protecting our fellow Britons. Someone who truly understands the threat of Islamisation in Britain. Not a hatred of all the billions of Muslims on earth- but a hatred of the cold-hearted savages who want to impose their barbaric tyranny on the rest of us.

This is a very, very important for UKIP as an outsider party. We need a cause, a cause that chimes with millions of ordinary working and middle earning people; A cause that, as polls continuously show, a huge majority agree with; a cause that will give people a reason to vote for us and vote for true change! She is the only major politician who talks about radical Islam, something the rest, including many in the UKIP hierarchy, hate the thought of addressing.

Getting people talking around the dinner table about UKIP’s policies is essential, having us storm social media is essential, generating the press for this to happen is essential. People may not like what we say at first, and never have, but we used to be controversial, radical, and eventually, people realised that we were right and it’s because we generated that debate that they came to finally support us.

Just think: Who is the only candidate the media pay attention to? It’s Anne Marie Waters, she’s the one we’re all talking about. Imagine for a moment this replicating across the country, we would be on the rise again!

We can have many, many policies, this is, of course, essential- but we need an overriding, key campaign pledge. For instance, does anyone seriously think that, for instance, Bill Etheridge’s talk of freedom and liberty as great as it is would really inspire the masses? Once you start to get into the policy of such philosophy you immediately turn off the working classes who are our core vote, because none of them would vote for more privatisation and less public services- yet they did vote for our libertarian manifestos in the past, as our focus was on a key issue the working men and women of Britain cared about: Immigration.

And let’s look at the policies and what they’d do for Britain rather than what they’d do for UKIP’s election chances. Deporting non-British citizens engaged in Islam inspired criminal acts- a terrific policy that not only the “conservatives” oppose, but one, in fact, they do the opposite of, they let ISIS fighters back into the country! Insanity!

Also, she wants to prosecute hate preachers and investigate radical mosques- a great policy that so many would agree with, including Muslims! But the government won’t do out of fear of offending or because the European Court of Human Rights won’t let us.

Stopping Sharia councils is another big issue. Why is it controversial? There needs to be one law for everyone regardless of religion and not separate courts for different people, not least ones in which women are given half the voice of a man!

Anne Marie has brought in lots of new members, they will be a great help to our party in future campaigns whoever wins, provided we don’t turn our backs on them and attack them as “far right” or “racist” or any other lies put out about them. They’re just good, decent patriots who want what’s best for Britain and want to preserve our culture and freedom here.

If she is not allowed to stand (as I am led to believe the NEC want to be the case) There will be a huge divide and anger in the party that we can’t choose our own leader! Least of all in a party that wants to roll out direct democracy.

I encourage all party members to lobby members of the NEC to make sure they support Miss Water’s right to stand. Let us, the members have the decision on who will lead our part. And if she really is as bad as some would make her out to be, then let our membership reject her, but for heaven’s sake let her stand.

Now, I have my doubts about the other candidates as I mentioned, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t support them. Everyone running would be better than the shambolic leadership this country has now under Theresa May. It’s important, therefore that we have a free and fair election and can have a leader the members have democratically chosen and will be happy to rally behind.

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