May ‘Cried Like A Baby’ Over Exit Poll

Prime Minister Theresa May (pictured above) has told BBC 5 Live’s Emma Barnett today that the news of the BBC/Sky ‘Exit Poll’ at this years General Election came as a ‘complete shock’ and reduced the PM to tears. She was too ‘superstitious’ to watch the poll announcement herself, instead hiding in a room until husband Philip came in to break the grim news.

She knew her campaign had not been ‘perfect’, she told Barnett, but all the indications she had been receiving told her that she was set to increase her Commons majority.

The election resulted in Mrs. May losing her majority and having to do a deal with the 10 MPs from Northern Ireland’s DUP to ensure she could form a government.

The interview comes exactly a year to the day that Mrs. May assumed office. Today she overtook Alec Douglas-Home’s tenure as PM and is now the ninth shortest serving person in the role.

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