Kinnock: ‘Me and 15 Tories Will KEEP Freedom of Movement’

EU friendly Labour MP Stephen Kinnock (pictured above) has hatched a plot, which he claims is backed by up to 15 Conservative MP’s, to retain freedom of movement for EU nationals in the UK following Brexit.

The plan would see Britain remain in the European Economic Area (EEA) and would mean retaining the four freedoms, including the freedom of movement – which would allow mass uncontrolled immigration to continue. This is a similar model to the one in which Norway currently participates. Mr. Kinnock said:

‘I have been reaching out with a particular proposal to 15 Conservative MPs so far.

‘There is a growing recognition now in the economy…that getting the right transitional deal is the top priority.

‘What we need to do is to form a coalition of common sense to secure in particular a sensible, pragmatic transition deal which in my opinion should be based on the EEA.’

It is not clear at this stage whether the remainder of his Labour colleagues, along with the other opposition parties, would support the Kinnock plan, which would then have the potential to force a government defeat on the issue.

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No Responses

  1. Susan Rogers says:

    Well that’s you finnished

  2. Nancy Skelton says:

    You are only thinking of the lost pension and money you will lose. Think of the rest of the uk, you are motivated by greed nothing less .

  3. Sheila briody says:

    You are nothing but scum we will remember all your names traitors everyone of you shame on you

  4. LUCY HANCOCK says:


  5. Antony says:

    You will be punished at the next elections. Wherever you traitors stand UKIP will stand and the electorate will be informed of what you did!

  6. 666Paul says:

    Get stuffed Kinnock, go back to your traitor parent and shut up moron !!!!

  7. Jane Fawkes says:

    What part of “Brexit” don’t you understand? We voted to leave Europe , so leave we should if you truly believe in democracy. You can’t pick the bits YOU want. All parties should be working TOGETHER to make sure that the result of the democraticly held referendum to leave Europe is a success. Get a grip and do the right thing.

  8. Rudolph Hucker says:

    Like father like son.
    Another one who is desperate to keep on the EU gravy train – well it made his mom and dad multi – millionaires didn’t it.

  9. Anthony Baggett says:

    When will we be free of these obnoxious Kinnocks?. The Labour party manages to find some awful leaders; Kinnock, the viper Blair, ‘she’s a bigot’ Brown and now Marxist Corbyn.

  10. William lennox says:

    Can I take it that you are aware of your oath of office under common law and the legal ramifications of making a statement of this sort. If you vote against the will of your bosses the people you will be committing treason.

  11. That is sure a disgusting thing to do…but you are just a low life….you are not thinking of the British at all ….your like your leader prefers to deal with foreigners than your own ….nasty boy of work just like your father

  12. Those politicians who continue to under-mind the Referendum vote (the largest voter participation ever, in our country) will one day be sorry when their treasonable acts bring about political unrest, followed by a civil war on a scale much bigger than The English Civil War. For those who want to be Europeans, go and live in Europe. We that live here and are proud to be English, we shall stay and do business with the rest of the world!

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