Clegg Calls For Second Referendum Where Under 30’s Get TWO Votes

On a day of bizarre Brexit interventions former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has really raised the bar with his call today for a second EU referendum, with Under 30’s having their vote counted as ‘double’. Mr. Clegg said

“It’s only in a very weird world that June 23 (referendum day last year) is a year zero.

“This idea of a cornucopia where everyone from the US to Papua New Guinea will give us everything we want in terms of trade deals, the £350 million a week for the NHS… we know these things are not true already.

“Surely the public are entitled to say we want to have another look at this.

“We should reclaim our right, we should take back control of our destiny, we should be free to say whether we think (the outcome) measures up to what was promised.”

 “We should give every youngster under 30 a weighted vote of twice the value of everybody else, because it’s their future.”

The Remoaner lost his Sheffield Hallam seat last month amid the Prime Minister’s shocking snap election.

Mr Clegg’s call for another referendum comes weeks after he said the issue of Brexit is becoming “quite a lot of bother”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Westmonster Dave is the editor of

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No Responses

  1. Phil Hunter says:

    Seriously have to laugh…. why does anyone under 30 count more… what an utter cockwombling dickhead!!

  2. has Nick Clegg gone really mad…seems to me he has…2 votes for under 30s how stupid is that…..poor loser Nick clegg

  3. Ray says:

    When is he going to be sectioned dont let him near anything sharp

  4. Dave says:

    Nick the prick!

  5. Barry Davies says:

    How is Brexit becoming a lot of Bother for Clegg, it was his adherence to membership of the corruption riddled democratically deficient eu that lost him his seat, he should be more bothered about finding himself a job.

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