Scottish Open Won’t Be at Trump Course ‘In Case He Shows Up’

The sponsors of the Scottish Open Golf Championship, Aberdeen Asset Management, have admitted  that Trump International Golf Links, on the outskirts of Aberdeen, is the best venue to hold    the 2019 Open but its CEO Martin Gilbert says that the course will not be chosen because ‘The worst thing would be if he came’.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Speaking at this years Open in Dundonald, Mr. Gilbert said  ‘Trump (International), I don’t need to tell you, is a great golf course, but there are issues if we went there. The worst thing would be if he came. No decision has been made, but, look, there are clear issues, shall we say. Politics aside, Trump (International Golf Links) would be an ideal venue, but you can’t put politics aside. That is the issue so we will wait and see.’

This is the first time since the election that one of Trump’s courses has come up for consideration to stage a golf tournament.

Trump Turnberry hosted the British Women’s Open in 2015, soon after his comments about Mexican immigrants during his presidential campaign. That year, the PGA of America canceled its Grand Slam of Golf at Trump’s course in Los Angeles later.

The PGA Tour event at Miami’s Trump Doral resort left South Florida and headed to Mexico City this year.

Turnberry is one of the courses on the British Open rotation. It is waiting to hear from R&A about when it will host golf’s oldest major again.

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