Farage Tells UKIP – ‘Change Or Be Replaced’

Former UKIP Leader Nigel Farage today told the BBC that his party needed to change in a radical direction to become relevant again.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ‘If they (UKIP) carry on on their current trajectory then they will continue to wither and as I’ve said before, if UKIP withers and Brexit is not delivered then something will come along to replace it. So what I’m saying, to what is still my party, is that unless you change, and get your act together, then the game in the end will be up’.                                                 Westmonster Dave is the editor of alt-politics.com

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4 Responses

  1. 666Paul says:

    Nigel you need to ally with J R Mogg and a few others on the Right, we have a battle with radical Islam ahead driven on by the elite. We need someone with the nous and hard nose to do what is needed. I believe national service will break the Left Wing brainwashing circle and the replacement of teachers will be needed. we must deport radicals even if they are born here. We must promote the white race as part of a race restoration program. Our borders and immigration must be strictly controlled. I believe the Magna Carta and Bill of Rights should be brought up to date and form a new contract with the people. The treason laws must be brought back. We must rid this country of certain organisations i.e Common Purpose, momentum, and many others…….

  2. J Spence-Evans says:

    The fire has gone out ! We need a huge personality to take over. Not just give speeches – take some drama lessons speak with fire from the heart! Take on sharia, halal slaughter, the segregation of children in religious schools. Separation of church and state. Make all those Muslim women who don’t speak English take lessons. Teach them their rights. Every Imam that even mentions ‘ how to beat your wife’ gets the sack or leaves the country. No more houses on our countryside! Build in the cities.

    Repatriate every beggar and prisoner.

    Get some guts and stand up like Nigel. He took it all for twenty years. Everyone is sick of Islam being the religion of privilege. Sick of losing our countryside, sick of migrant men getting in and being allowed to stay ‘ because they are here’ ! Sick of 20 year old immigrant kids that threaten to kill those they get to stay with.

    Sick of the EU – German Hegemony- dictating to us on everything and calling the shots.

    Get us O U T and into free trade agreements.

    Start shouting out a positive future !


  3. Pamela Cottrell says:

    1000% agree with both these comments. They must – simply must – be acted on, adopted and pursued by us all if we are to even survive.

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