Labour MP Eleanor Smith Condemns Schoolgirl’s ‘Racist’ Flag

Newly elected Labour MP for Wolverhampton South Eleanor Smith (pictured above) has not taken long to involve herself at the centre of controversy. She waded into a row over the flag (top right) designed by a local schoolgirl to commemorate Black Country Day. The flag was designed with chains to represent the areas industrial past, but Ms. Smith clearly saw something else:

‘I have serious concerns about the racist connotations of the flag, particularly the fact that chains are being used to represent the Black Country.

‘The white on black imagery used together with the chains…when you break it down I’m not going to pretend it doesn’t worry me as a black person. People have to understand that it can be seen as offensive.

‘Why can’t we have a flag that represents all of us united as a collective rainbow of people? In my constituency there are 130 different languages spoken. Let’s get a flag that actually says we are proud of where we come from.’

Her marks were immediately slammed by local UKIP MEP Bill Etheridge and by the organiser of the event, local Conservative MP Mike Wood. When asked for his view on Ms. Smith’s intervention Mr. Wood simply said ‘nuts’.

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