Modest Rees-Mogg Doesn’t Rule Out No. 10 Bid

Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg (pictured above) has been causing quiet a stir recently, with the sort of youth adulation that most senior figures in the Tories can only dream of. The surge in popularity for the well-spoken, self-effacing back benchers have caused many to speculate that ‘the moggster’ could be a good ‘dark horse’ candidate for the next Conservative Party leadership race. Indeed, most bookmakers have recently slashed their odds on a Rees-Mogg victory. The man himself gave a typically witty response to

‘A fool and his money are soon parted.

‘It’s very flattering and very amusing, but I wouldn’t advise your readers to invest with the bookmakers if they want a long-term investment strategy.

‘”I think there are better ways of making their money work for them.’

The North East Somerset MP has been rising in the bookmakers’ lists of who will take over from Mrs May if she was to step down, with the latest odds at 11/1, just behind Jeremy Corbyn, David Davis, Phillip Hammond, Boris Johnson and Amber Rudd.

he Tory Leave campaigner lost out on leading the influential Treasury Select Committee on Thursday after former cabinet minister and leading remainer Mrs Morgan was voted in as chairwoman. Mr. Rees-Mogg said:-

‘It was actually very much as I had expected and Nicky will be an excellent chairwoman.

‘The thing about politics is you have to throw your hat in the ring and quite often it gets thrown back again.

‘”One has to be very pragmatic about that.’

The job is said to be a crucial Brexit role as the committee could make or break a deal as it scrutinises ministers’ decisions during negotiations

Mrs Morgan, the Conservative MP for Loughborough since 2010, was unceremoniously ousted from Theresa May’s cabinet in July last year having previously served as economic secretary and financial secretary to the Treasury.

Crucially, Mr. Rees-Mogg specifically refused to rule himself out of a run for the top job and he must be aware of the broad appeal that he now seems to be attracting, very rare for a Conservative politician, particularly in recent times.

It could be the ultimate irony that the one person that looks like being able to challenge the newly found popular appeal of Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn is the one who appears to represent absolutely everything that the socialist leader campaigns against. It would seem that the British public, after all, do not have a problem with class per se, but instead judge a person by their authenticity and personal integrity. It will be interesting to observe how this challenge develops, if indeed it does.

Perhaps Mr. Rees-Mogg should consider defecting to UKIP, where unlike Messrs Carswell and Reckless he would be welcomed with open arms as a kindred spirit, and where I am sure many people would regard him as a natural successor to Nigel Farage.

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