BBC Reveal List of Salaries Paid For By Our Licence Fees (Full List)

The BBC has been forced to reveal the salaries of all its employees earning in excess of £150k, in a move that will spark controversy among some licence payers, who fork out to provide the huge salaries. They include Gary Lineker (pictured above) who receives £1.8 million a year of licence payers money for his roll fronting Match of the Day. Readers of will no doubt have a view on whether the salaries represent ‘value for money’. Here is the list (figures are for the tax year 2016/17):-

Chris Evans – £2.25 million

Gary Lineker – £1.8 million

Graham Norton – £850k

Jeremy Vine – £700k

John Humphreys – £650k

Huw Edwards – £600k

Claudia Winkleman – £500k

Matt Baker – £500k

Alex Jones – £450k

Fiona Bruce – £400k

Tess Daly – £400k

Derek Thompson (Casualty) – £400k

Stephen Nolan – £400k

Sue Barker – £350k

Nick Robinson – £300k

Amanda Mealing (Holby City) – £300k

George Alagiah – £300k

Jason Mohammad – £300k

Trevor Nelson – £300k

Zoe Ball – £250k

Gaby Logan – £250k

Peter Capaldi – £250k

Len Goodman – £250k

Bruno Tonoli – £250k

Craig Revell-Horwood – £200k

Darcey Bussell – £200k

Laura Kuenssberg – £200k

Michel Husain – £200k

Dan Walker – £200k

James Naughtie – £150k

Justin Webb – £150k

More names to follow later.

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  1. Dean Higgins says:

    No wonder there nothing but reality shows cant afford to do anything else i want a refund

  2. John Thackeray says:

    I want my Licence fee refunded…!

  3. patrick hall says:

    like to see them all in a day job instead of posing on the box

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