Documents Show Gina Miller Brexit Challenge Cost Taxpayer £1.2 Million

Documents released today (Wednesday) show that the British taxpayer had to fork out a total of £1.2 million to fund the costs of the two court cases brought by Anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller (pictured above). As the government lost the case, the money was lost as well, even though it turned out to be a pointless effort as parliament easily passed the Article 50 Bill in any case.

In documents published on Wednesday – the penultimate day of Parliament before the summer recess – officials said that after staff costs, the most significant area of spend in Brexit Secretary David Davis’s department was on legal fees – totalling £3.7m.

Of this, £0.7 million was spent on the Article 50 and Article 127 cases, while half a million was spent on the legal fees for the winners of the case, including the claimant Gina Miller.

When the Government lost the case, in January, ministers refused to reveal the cost of lawyers to fight the two failed legal challenges. As a result Parliament had to pass legislation, authorising Theresa May to invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and kick-start the two-year negotiations. The Prime Minister had intended to bypass Parliament.

But now the Government stands accused of “slipping out” the substantial costs of failed legal battles at “the eleventh hour” as MPs prepare to vacate the Commons for the summer recess.

Tom Brake, the Liberal Democrat Brexit spokesperson, described the cost as a “kick in the teeth for taxpayers”, adding: “The Conservatives fought every step of the way in the courts to try and avoid proper scrutiny over Brexit, now the public is having to pick up the tab.

He continued: “The government repeatedly refused to make this information public, and now have slipped it out at the eleventh hour.                                                                                 Westmonster Dave is the editor of


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